Friday 13 March 2015

It pays to be nice

It pays to be nice
Quote of the day
‘Nice days can become better days if you are nice. You don’t have to pay a high price to be nice, you don’t even have to spice up your life to be nice. Try a slice of niceness today and let it sparkle your weekend’

What would you say is the monetary value of niceness? If it is something that can bring you kindness, politeness, enjoyment, consideration, friendliness, courteousness, love and goodness on a silver platter delivered to you day in and day out surely it must be priceless. Money can never buy you happiness. Gold cannot outweigh the benefits of niceness. Niceness beckons the calling of every individual’s success. No one can say that they became successful without being nice. The niceness of a person is clearly identifiable by their gestures of goodwill. They speak in a tone of niceness. They act in a nice mellow stature. You can tell when a person is nice. You can tell them a mile away. Niceness yields the finest rewards on Earth. There is an immense enjoyment to life. Life is meant to be enjoyed from birth onto death lasting for a period of 100 years on planet Earth. There is always pleasantness at home, work and the outdoors when you are nice. Pleasantness amalgamates love and pleasure in a harmonious way. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. There is always agreement between one or more people when you are nice. Agreement is a universal understanding between people, it is a covenant that stood the test of time. There is politeness when people meet. Politeness creates a community of civility. A community that excels in good mannerism goes a long way. Try it for yourself. Start at home and watch how the graciousness of living oozes outdoors. There is wonderfulness at the break of dawn until you are ready to retire when you attempt to be nice. A Street of delight makes the ideal setting for an accomplished and fulfilled day. There is kindness in everyone’s gesture when niceness is in the air. Kindness is a humane quality that cannot be exchanged for anything else. It is genuine and it is emotional. There is friendliness in the world between nations and amongst every citizens when niceness is exercised. If we could only turn back the clock to the last 100 years and say no to war and yes to love, what a wonderful century it would have been. Look at all the citizens of the world that would have survived and live to tell their tale of niceness. War creates unpleasantness. Love is the converse and generates pleasantness. Dear Friends I urge you to be nice. You do not have to pay a price in order to be nice. Try a slice of niceness today and let it sparkle your weekend tomorrow.

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