Tuesday 10 March 2015

Good Deeds

Good Deeds
Quote of the day
‘A good deed a day keeps the evil doer away. A good deed a day makes you succeed rather than recede. A good deed a day stops the coveted greed that tempts you to go astray.’

We need to love to live and live to love. To love to live demonstrates our passion and desire to serve our Heavenly Father in a way unsurpassed by any other human feat. To live to love is to exercise good deeds daily, sincerely and without expecting any form of gratitude. Doing this regularly and valiantly will ensure that the evildoer is kept at bay. Evildoings and evildoers have been with us since the dawn of time. Our forefather in Adam was warned of temptations and understood what was good and what was bad. Today these temptations are still rife. Yesterday we spoke about how to HELP, this forms only part of the chemistry to exercise good deeds. Each day we meet unpleasantness in many facets such as unexpected inducements, constant cravings, unbelievable compulsions, timorous coaxing and mental urges. We succumb to them or sometimes we withstand them. I say onto you build resistance, exercise forbearance and say no to surrender. Temptation comes to you in ubiquitous forms. The cravings for cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, illicit sex and gambling are just a few examples of temptation. Temptation started way back in The Garden of Eden and lingers into the cataclysmic picture that the world currently portrays. Children are abused because temptation had grown out of proportion. Men and women are killed because temptation has lingered into the corridors of time. The Devil entices new recruits each day to perform sadistic acts of barbaric proportions. Temptation promises you wealth by stealth. Temptation promises you health without longevity. Temptation gives you power that is only momentary. I say onto you and verily too rebuff temptation when it enters your heart. Reject temptation when it reaches your front door. To assist you I suggest starting your day with a prayer and ending it with gratitude. Fill the sandwich of your day with good deeds. Be kind, be refined, love to live, live to love, pray, don’t go astray, convey a message of hope, believe, believe in yourself, believe in Almighty GOD, donate, celebrate, HELP, recycle, eat well, eat moderately, eat considerately, exercise, exercise regularly, exercise good deeds, share, care, show gratitude, don’t expect gratitude, ignore, don’t pursue, be fair, don’t get caught in the common snare, don’t swear, don’t speak lies just the truth will do and beware of the unexpected, be vigilant, be honest and be sincere. Always remember that a good deed a day will always keep the evil doer away. A good deed a day makes you succeed rather than recede. A good deed a day stops the coveted greed that tempts you to go astray. Dear Friends, be patient, learn to endure and tolerate. It is not easy but when we realise that we are human beings of equal standing the task becomes easier. As human beings we are able to reason rather than treason.

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