Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Quote of the day
‘Don’t walk the surface of the Earth alone. Grasp onto remembrance and use it as your guide to follow a righteous path to make your life safe and sound. Remembrance plays a key role to maintain successful standards.’

My life spans almost 56 years of personal trials and tribulations. I walked the entire globe in search of footage to reminisce and commemorate. The trails left by auspicious men and women, peers, sages, gurus, prophets, angels, The Lord and our Heavenly Father is clearly visible. To some these trials are camouflaged with temptation blinding the thoughts of people the world over and deafening the spirits of the young and the old. Good Recollections forms solid imprints of magnificence and colour highlighting a serene road to follow that is free from harm and safe from the talons of greed and temptation. Man is greedy and wants all for himself. He will kill, threaten, abuse, emasculate and devour everything that comes in his way. You just have to look back and you will smoking flames of destruction, colossal loss of innocent lives, landslides of contempt and greed, earthquakes of landfills and overfills of human waste. Dear Friends, your next step is vital for tomorrow’s future. How can you make a difference? It is simple, we need to remember. We need to recollect what was said by great men and women. We need to capture spirituality in our palms and never let go. We need to read, we need to feed, we need to exercise solid creeds, we need to tread on a path of righteousness, we need to perform daily deeds of goodness and kindness, we need to feel a need, we need to heed, we need to be freed from Greed, we need to shed bad habits, we need to share our daily bread, we need to breed with responsibility exercised with love and not lust and we need to plead with those that do wrong to make it right. Remembrance helps us to do these things. Remembrance commemorates great people that paved a solid path for us to follow. Remembrance recollects the good times as well as the bad times to ensure we create a lessening effect for future events. Remembrance is about personal memory footages that affected our lives form birth to our current status quo. Personal footage cannot be ignored. You may feel that only you travel through troubled roads. This is not true. Human Greed has carved an indenture in the minds of innocent people. We are contaminated. Remembrance helps to reduce this. I say onto you and verily too be spiritual, be biblical, believe in miracles, perform rituals to remind you of your spiritual beliefs, click onto historical footage and reminisce over them to help you create good footage for the future of our children and their children too. 

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