Sunday 8 March 2015

Creating Better Dreams

Creating Better Dreams
Quote of the day
‘Dreams are not meant to be nightmarish, hallucinating, fantasied or delusional but rather a vacant screen to be filled by a cognitive collection of wonderful thoughts that you have stored within you to be edited into a stream of delightful footage to be watched and revered about the true potential of your life.’
Dreams should never be a nightmare of incubuses, succubus, demons, evil spirits, ghosts, phantoms, spectres and gremlins. Dreams should never to be a hallucination that beguiles you into the morning way pass the crevice of a new day. Dreams should never be regarded as a fantasy of whims and illusions masking your true identity and making you live in a surreal world. Dreams should never be delusional, making you feel misapprehended or in a trance of aberration. Dreams should actually be the converse. I want you to go to bed daily and envisage a world that is about you and how you shall shape your life. I want you to dream about loved ones that trigger you to wake up each day with love beneath your pillow. I want you to dream about lost ones who communicate with you during dreams to tell you about love and how you should love your life. I want you to take cognisance of your splendid dreams to use it shape your goals, your ideals and your philosophy. I want you to sleep well and to enjoy aspirations from your heart, creating a platform of wonderful objectives and targets. I want to awake in the morning with strong memories of those vital dreams that makes you get up and go. I want to tell you how dreams actually work and how you should profit from dreams. I want to focus on the profits of dreams rather than the losses that dreams can incur.  I want to tell you about the importance of dreams and how you can rely on them for your future and the impact that it has for your future for the common good. To benefit from a magnificent dream you need to prepare for it. Avoid the heavy meals at night, think right and be bright. Heavy meals at night create heavy internal bodily activities during your sleep making you restless and sleepless. Thinking right promotes your innermost desire and passions to remain well, healthy and fit. To be bright is to remain cheerful, optimistic and happy. Combine these three concepts and you are in the making of an epic dream. The mind is like an infinite memory base storing information all the time. At rest the mind is also at rest. However if you are bloated, stressed and unfit your mind is never at rest. When this happens the editing process of a dream is muffled. Chunks of data is released without control and the mind tries to interpret them and creates the horrid dream of confusion and delusion. Take the tale of someone travelling to a casino to win a fortune to get them out of a financial quagmire. On their stressful journey they notice a huge mountain range. When they get to the casino it was too late for someone had already won the jackpot and they witness gold coins streaming out of the lucky one arm bandit. The troubled individual tries desperately to win money at the tables and at other machines with no avail. They then retire with a troubled mind and then dream of a golden mountain. To profit from real dreams that link the outside world to the inner world we need to avoid the heavy meals at night, we need to think right and we need to be bright. Our minds are like intricate computers built with free Wi-Fi. Our ancestors, our Heavenly Father and the Angels are constantly in tune with us and by dreaming profitably we can take cognisance of what they are constantly telling us. Go to bed tonight and enjoy your dream. Take note of the predetermined plan of your future. Hang on to logic and rebuff illogic. A more detailed analysis of the dream concept will follow in a future article. 

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