Friday, 27 March 2015

‘Farewell to today, Greeting for tomorrow’

‘Farewell to today, Greeting for tomorrow’
Quote of the day
‘Valediction of a preceding month is only valid if you have achieved 100% fulfilment and accomplishment. If not, you need to uproot the inhibitions in your life and instil conditions that will sprout the 100% you are capable of.’

Many an individual often fear the thought of a new month approaching. They fear that they are getting older, weaker, less secure and adamant to meet the repetition of last month’s traumas such as bills, thrills and chills. I want to assure you that if you are committed to start a new month with vigour you shall end it with rigour. Vigour is what gives you energy, enthusiasm, vivacity and strength to deal with getting older, weaker, less secure and dealing with life’s repetitions. My job is to mentor you to the best of my ability. Your job as a student if I am allowed to use the term is to be inspired so that energy can be generated within you to start a new day, a new week, a new month or a new year in the right way. To gain the most of my inspirational content you need to wake up to it. Don’t miss a day of inspiration. Over 20 years ago I searched for inspiration and finally got it, the hard way. I took my inspiration daily like a tablet and ingested it to supplement my day. Energy from a dynamo does not happen by chance but by a constant turn of a conductor through a powerful magnetic environment. Energy for you cannot suddenly magically appear, it needs to be inspired. Am I doing a good job? I don’t know but you would know because you can gauge your progress daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. I don’t need credit for my inspiration but if it is improving your stance to a better lifestyle than I am ecstatic about it. As you read this article I am not sure if you are a reader of The Modern Day Trilogy or not. The Modern Day Trilogy has been my blueprint to my success for the past 20 years or so. It is my energy source and my reference to overcome any unforeseen dilemmas. If you have not read The Modern Day Trilogy no worries but at least read my daily inspirational content to turn your life around. I cannot guarantee your personal success because only you can feel it when you have achieved it. What I can say from experience is that when you say goodbye to an old month fully accomplished and fulfilled you earnestly look forward to the new month. Your energy never dies off but wants to carry you forward indefinitely. This is an awesome feeling. It is such a feeling that overwhelms any feelings of negation that you may have. Can you say goodbye to today vehemently? If so, I salute you. If not then I want you to be inspired to achieve this feeling at the end of April. Thank you for reading todays’ article. 

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