Thursday 26 March 2015

‘Ideas for Tomorrow’

‘Ideas for Tomorrow’
Quote of the day
‘You need to be ardent about every thought process that permeates through your mind so that your actions will always be fiery and fervent.’

Ideas are born every second, they create inklings to overcome your fears and possible tears that yesterday so clearly holds. We are always thinking about how we can improve our lifestyle and these thought process manifest as ideas. Ideas maybe born every second but they also die at the same rate, Ideas manifest in your mind created by past inferences that beckoned the day that followed. Ideas expand from a knowledge base. You cannot create a UFO from scratch you need to refer to a previous knowledge base and work from there. Knowledge is data and data is a stream of information so readily available now than before that amalgamates thought processes into fiery and fervent actions. Perhaps you had a restless night worrying about tomorrow’s meeting. Your mind sieves constantly through the archive of information sourcing and resourcing ideas to make tomorrow’s meeting a success. Yesterday inferred a failure or a success, tomorrow is a quest to ensure success at all levels. You need passion and desire in everything that you do, say or think. An earnest input based on passion and desire will always result in a fiery and fervent action. Fiery actions creates the perfect diary of accomplishment and fulfilment, day in and day out for the rest of your life. Fervent actions are engrossed in enthusiasm and passion drenched from your first siting of success to your last siting of retirement. To make ideas work we need to think IDEA. Yes, the word IDEA will help make ideas manifest into a better lifestyle for you. I stands for Image. You need to create a mental image of your idea. To see it is to dream it. To feel it is to realise it. To have it is to work towards it. D stands for draw. You need to draw the mental picture of your idea on paper using words and pictures etched in your own handwriting and drawing skills. The result is a picture at hand, tangible, visible and divisible. Tangible makes it physical, visible makes it observable and divisible makes it doable. E stands for expansion. From the first draft comes the second and from the second comes the third until the final one overwhelms the entire world. A stands for Appreciation. Yes, appreciation is the foremost acknowledgement by a human being. Appreciation makes it clear that your quest to make tomorrow better is always altruistic with the sole intent of not hurting anyone in the process of dramatic change. Live on an idea, grow on an idea and die for your ideology.

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