Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Finding your way through Confusion generally leads to Delusion and Occlusion.

Finding your way through Confusion generally leads to Delusion and Occlusion.
Quote of the day
‘A land of Confusion often leads an individual to a day of Delusion and Occlusion. Confusion is bewilderment, perplexity and mystification brought about by an individual taking things for granted. They do not anticipate the next second and end up deluded and occluded.’

I have always stated that time is our most precious asset. A single day pours 86,400 seconds to us in vibrant colours and sensations. How we spend our time each day will ultimately shape our future. Our future is made up of our actions taken from a young pivotal age when we get inspired to do things and aspire the mechanics of actually doing it. How does a pilot become a pilot? How does a Banker become a Banker? How does a Doctor become a Doctor? They get inspired to do exactly what they want to do and then set off on a long journey aspiring to do exactly that. They understand how valuable Time really is. A young Doctor of today shapes the future of his or her community by building stronger bonds of healthy lifestyles. They save lives, they bring new lives to Earth and they participate in death. Every vocation has a translation. Bankers help people to profit from their earnings. Pilots fly people from cities to cities. Every vocation has a distinct translation. In other words time spent in helping someone converts or transforms the lives of so many different people and of themselves. This is all possible if we live in anticipation of the next second. This is all possible if we counteract the effects of the unexpected. This is all possible if we cater for landslides like recessions, depressions, repossessions, aggressions, oppressions and obsessions. Catering for natural disasters and unnatural disasters is a must for every meritocratic goal setter.  Goal Setters should always be set on helping others to live a more challenged life. Living by the day and taking things for granted will always make you feel deluded and occluded. Delusion is always the cause for misunderstandings, mistakes and aberrations during your day.  The result is time wasted. Occlusion will always hinder your progress during your day blocking your chance to be fulfilled and accomplished, again time is wasted. We cannot waste time. We need to prepare for tomorrow today. We need to know about the weather, whether the train shall run on time and whether our friends shall come to work in a good mood or a bad mood. Anticipation helps us to be prepared. Preparation creates the ultimate platform to have a ravishing day. A ravishing day often delivers a better pay, a good day and enough time to pray and play. Let us live in anticipation of the next second, of the next minute and of the next hour. Let us not take things for granted and assume the expected.

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