Thursday, 19 March 2015

‘A World of Unique Opportunities’

‘A World of Unique Opportunities’
Quote of the day
‘Opportunities can best described as a start to an adventure beyond your imagination. Opportunities are actually preambles to your future. Let not an opportunity past you otherwise it shall haunt you like a postscript for the rest of your life.’

The opulence of The Universe is often ignored by many an individual. Successful people are always staring constantly at opportunities flowing from the opulence of The Universe. They do not necessarily grasp onto such an opportunity when they see it but they do indulge in it like wine tasting or food sampling. Opportunities are certainly a start to an adventure beyond your imagination. They act like preambles to you future and by experiencing them you can actually make a viable decision to pursue or ensue. To pursue something lucrative means you engage in it like a business venture or a holiday. You look at prospects, possible pitfalls, lifestyles and setbacks. To ensue something based on an opportunity that came your way not by chance but by a glance you follow on. You look closely at possible results that can change your life immensely and you investigate before you invest. You walk the road with an awe of experience, you test drive, and you address issues prevalent to your decision and then you suggest, request if necessary and finally express your final decision which could be a no or a yes. Addressing issues relative to your decision is about tackling possibilities that can become impossibilities later on. Why get into something that will haunt you for the rest of your life rather than want you for the rest of your life. Suggesting is a personal vendetta. You took a break on your 365 day journey and saw on opportunity. Do you need it before you can precede or do you proceed with a bit of greed and some form of stampede? Opportunities are indeed for everyone but not everything is actually your cup of tea. Therefore you need to think before you ink. Opportunities is indeed a vital relaxation lounge in your road to success. Yesterday we said that our journey each year lasts for 365 days. This is indeed true. With every journey you need to take a break and to regroup. To regroup at each relaxation point in your 365 day journey each year you have the opportunity to recover, discover and uncover anything about yourself and your decisions. In others words it gives you the unique opportunity to rearrange your next move and reorganise your current agenda if necessary. So I say onto you go out there into The Opulence of The universe and experience life at its fullest. Choose something that tickles your fancy and but steer clear of something that stickles you with a bit chancy consequences. Let not an opportunity past you otherwise it shall haunt you like a postscript for the rest of your life. So, don’t sail unconsciously across a 365 day journey without pausing for the moment and to think of what becomes of tomorrow. Look closely at opportunities that can change tomorrow for the better. Don’t rush foolishly into something but at least take the initiative to experience it. At least you will know whether you will like it or not. All opportunities are the same whether it is a loaf of bread or a Rolls Royce Phantom. 

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