Wednesday 11 March 2015

Never Give Up

‘Never give up’
Quote of the day
‘Never give up I say unto you, even if the results are not what you expected. Try again but at least you know that you are trying rather than frying.’

We all fail at some point in our lives, some more than others and some just give up. I say onto you don’t give up, try again. Many a successful result often stemmed from sequential failures. The wise one knows that it is often better to try rather than to fry. Life is a learning curve. Every word learnt is a new door opened in your life. Every sentence uttered is a new quest to make your life blessed. Every venture can become an adventure but sometimes things go wrong and the result is a misadventure. Failures are common. Success is not so common. Why? This statistical information illustrates that when failures occur everyone naturally gives up and shelves the idea, tramples the goal and ignores their yearly resolutions. Today I want to tell you to reinstate your idea, unlock your goals and rekindle your resolutions. Ideas shapes the future of all from inventions to creations. Ideas manufactures designs based on thinking, shut off an idea and you will lose the plot and the future will remain bleak. Ideas originate in the mind and from it comes cultivated goals. Goals makes men and women ambitious. They filled them with aspirations. Twinkle it with the right inspiration and you have a valued result. Some results may look different than you originally planned but don’t give up, keep trying and sometimes accept what you get. Many a failure in life results in denial, remorse and wasted time. You experienced it and therefore you know exactly what I mean. Great Scientists like Faraday and Emerson did not give up. How will we see in the dark if they gave up? How will we generate electricity from magnetism if they gave up? Don’t give up. Get help if needed but persevere. Create a new blossoming world from your concerted efforts. Take raw materials as per your requirements and turn them into materials of awe. Be altruistic in all that you do, do this and already you can smell success. Are you ready to start again, to unlock the power within you and unleash the dynamism that is so typical of you? Will you always believe in yourself and in your fundamental purpose? If so you are already set in motion. Did you care, share and remain fair? If so then your result shall be shared to the entire population, cared for by its users and remain fair for all. Please don’t give up!

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