Monday 16 March 2015

Turn on your TAP

‘Turn on your TAP’
Quote of the day
‘To let the spirit of success flow methodically through the channels of your day you need to release the energy latent from within you by ‘literally speaking’ turning on your TAP. When your literal TAP is opened it pours out your Thoughts, Activating your Predetermined Plans.’

Dear Friends it is indeed a tall hurdle to cross when you start a new day especially a new working week. Many of us stumble, trip and fall flat on our faces but the wise one always gets up and starts all over again. The wise one knows of adversaries that wait for them like wolves waiting for their prey in the forest of uncertainty. Wit, grit, fit and commit are words that constantly with stay with the wise and prudent individual. Wit is about being smart and sharp, two qualities that are constantly been developed from previous working week’s mishaps. Grit is about bravery and fortitude that one has when encountering new adversaries every new working week. Fit is about keeping healthy both physically and mentally. A robust individual is always able to be just and to adjust when the need arises. A committed individual always is devoted to their weekly agenda, they wrote it now they must devote to it. All of these constitute your thought processes. A well constituted person aims for success on a daily basis. They are constantly thinking. They think about past failures and past successes. They intertwine the two together and create a plan for tomorrow. This is called activation. Activation is about stimulation, triggering the individual to take thought processes and execute them to a plan of action. This is where the burst happens, you are been exercised to be energised rather than mesmerised. Energy is what you need to run a weekly lap of work, work and work with accomplished and fulfilment. Mesmerisation hypnotises you to a week of procrastination, trouble and setbacks. You know the feeling and you are aware of the differences. Get it right and you are rewarded for a riveting 48 hours of personal relaxation. Yesterday was a typical example of how wonderful life can become.

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