Wednesday 25 March 2015


Quote of the day
‘Religion is belief in the principles of life and the purpose of it from simple unicellular organisms to complex organisms like ourselves. Religion is about following these principles by serving, serving our Heavenly Father with love and devotion. Religion is the same the world over, practised in different ways but exercised in pretty much the same way.’

Religion is like a language, spoken differently in various dialect but the meaning is always the same. Religion is about love, coalescing values into one and exhibiting love sincerely and openly throughout space and time. Religion is not solely about worship but of exercising a valuable humane role lasting for a period of 100 years. Religion is worship too. To worship thy Heavenly with all thy might and with all thy strength is the role of each individual. Religion is like an apparel that can be worn or removed. It can be changed from one apparel into another like how converts do. Religion harmonises a unique blend of purpose from simple organisms to complex organisms working laboriously together in a vast kingdom. Religion is not about hate or differentiation. Hate exercises the converse of Religion itself. Differentiation portrays different Religious beliefs as separate rather than as one. Religion does not create wars but diffuses them. Religion is ecstasy delivering happiness and joy to all. Religion is the specialised art of performing good deeds. Religion is not solely about worship. Respect, knowing, realising and persevering alone surpasses the practise of worship. For the one that chants all day, mediates endlessly, prays attentively and performs rituals solemnly does not excel in the Art of Religion. Religion is about extending the boundaries of love in a dexterous and laborious way. For Religion is to do what needs to be done. Look around you and you will see a multitude of things to do. Start today and tomorrow shall be the beginning of a new era. Every Religion in our world has a defined common denominator, and that is the ardent worship of our Supreme Creator, Almighty GOD. All of us as worshipers perform this duty well, extremely well in some cases. Religious worship however is just one aspect of serving Almighty GOD, whilst the more vigorous and demanding task to serve Almighty GOD is by performing and exercising our role which is human responsibility. Human responsibility is unique to humans and encompasses qualities, duties and patterns that are not assigned to other species. We were created in GOD’s image and therefore are likened to be very much like HIM. Over time we slowly drifted away from this responsibility and regretfully followed a path that is ungodly. Look around you and you will see the destructive trail of human exploitation, deceit and malice. The Universe is flowing with opulence yet famine, starvation, disease, rape, murder, extortion, abuse, violence, war, lust, fornication, divorce, kidnapping, terrorism, hi-jacking, robberies, muggings, prostitution, binge drinking, drugs, smoking,  suicides, rioting, striking, liquidation, gambling, deforestation, eutrophication, bullying, cheating, assault, teasing, sneering, killing and so on are so common that we have infused our lifestyles with it. Those that suffer live on with the suffering, those that are not affected take note but soon forget it. Try to recall one of the above human atrocities that you read in the newspaper, now try to recall other similar ones. You simply cannot, because it did not affect you directly. Every human being has the right to live equally and therefore every human being needs to combat these atrocious crimes, this is the Art of Religion, to serve GOD and to act humanely responsible!

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