Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Choices in Life

‘Choices in Life’
Quote of the day
‘A choice either infinitesimally small or immensely big can have a major impact on your life. It could be a choice to live well or to be in hell or a choice to be downhill or uphill. Whatever it is you are the final decision maker.’

Are you stuck with that mortgage or that high interest loan? Are you stuck with that mobile contract or the HP on the car loan? Poor choices create poor lifestyles. Why did you make the choice in the first instance? Where you pressurised? Do you constantly receive telesales that entice you to take out a contract when you don’t actually need one? Are you stuck in a relationship that you often regret? We are constantly making choices on a daily basis, some choices are so infinitesimally small that we do not take note of the consequences that they create. Other choices are huge shifting you into a different mode, resulting in perhaps a financial strap or a relationship slap. I say onto you Dear Friends you need to review what you read rather than go through with what you read. You need to view the fine print before you could sign on the dotted misprint. I say misprint for a valid reason because you are signing up to the terms of the supplier and not under your terms. You need to revise any ‘advise’ before you end up in the common demise of financial or emotional failure. There is no rush in getting into anything so why take on the final crush of heartache, headache and misery. Every decision in life whether big or small is based on a current need. A decision is a choice, it is your choice and not someone else’s choice. Salescopies, the modernisation of verbal diarrhoea jibed to make you take the common plunge is written to lure rather than cure. A choice is about curing your need. Salescopies are impure and couture, written to assure your needs in elegant and colourful brochures but are obscure in the fine print and boor in the forefront. Don’t be lured into fancy billboards, posters, advertisements, videos, signs, announcements, specials, banners and flyers. Make your own mind up based on your need. If there isn’t a need than why fall prey to common human greed. Human greed is designed to lure people into unnecessary choices promising the earth but delivering dirt. Don’t hoard mistakes into the shed, attic or basement. Realise your need and then proceed based on your solid creed. Be wary of Salescopies. Salescopies are written text written out of context to smudge, bamboozle and confuse an individual’s decision making. It is quite hard to make the final decision because competition creates inhibition, salescopies creates repetition and telesales creates preconditions. I say onto you whatever your decision is take your time, sleep on it, waddle between one decision and the other and finally say a simple yes or no. If it is yes, then you needed it. If it is no, then you didn’t really need it.

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