Wednesday 4 March 2015

A SIP a day will guarantee you Success.

A SIP a day will guarantee you Success.
Quote of the day
‘To gain success on a daily basis you need to take a SIP a day. You need a Strategy, an Innovation followed by a Plan.’

Dear Friends, I want to share a secret with you today by confirming that success is not meant for a handful but has been designated for all including you and me. Textbooks are written to confuse you and make the ordinary seem extraordinary. Scientists take simplicity and turn it into complexity. Man will confuse the weak and the meek and tell lies upon lies to hoard treasure in a cove for himself. Today I want to tell you that you have the right to equality. You have the right to live fairly, comfortably and free from harm. You have the right to live onto 100 years of age and to pass over to a life of eternity. To be successful you need to follow successful people in your chosen category. Successful people have laid down a path for you to follow. I call tell if someone is successful because they are not selfish. They speak the truth. They will always confirm that you have a right to equality and they will always tell you that you are part of a race of 7 billion people working harmoniously together in a bluish planet not too far away from the Sun revolving around in an orbital path. They will tell you that you need to have a strategy or a method which you can tweak as per your requirements. They will tell you too that you cannot reinvent the wheel but you can modify it within certain parameters. When you hear words like this you know that you can trust the person that is uttering it. They will also tell you to be more innovative. Innovation is about originality. Yes, by all means follow the path of a successful person but do not mimic them. They say that Copycats often fail. This is partly true because when you mimic someone your enthusiasm soon wears out and therefore you abandon your dream or idea. You are you, unique and special in this world. You latched on to a strategy now go out and be yourself. If it is tennis that tickles a fancy in you than by all means follow the greats but remember you cannot become Federer or Nadal because they already exist. You need to be you, classified by your content and noted by your deliverance. Finally you need a Plan. A Plan is a roadmap of your day. It is your blueprint and differs from anyone else including family members. A plan can take different forms such as memos, diaries, agendas or worksheets. A plan ensures closure for the day. Let us summarise – We start off with a Strategy created by a Successful person to use as a template for the rest of our life. On this blank canvas or template we etch our instructions based on our innovation. Lastly we execute our ideas by sticking to a plan, written in our own handwriting and executed in a fair and just action. To gain success on a daily basis you need to take a SIP a day. You need a Strategy, an Innovation followed by a Plan.

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