Thursday 12 March 2015

A sudden urge could make you surge or purge

A sudden urge could make you surge or purge
Quote of the day
‘A sudden urge will always keep you on the verge of a surge or a purge. I say onto you always emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon fully developed before you can land on a flowerbed of enrichment.’

Many an anxious fool repents over the last second and why you may well ask, because they had a sudden urge that ultimately landed them in either a surge or a purge. Temptation is the general culprit swaying people into bouts of impulses, into sears of compulsions, into dying wishes and into the usual hourly itch. I say onto you Dear Friends, don’t be labelled the fool and fall into the pool of common drool and disgusting stool, go instead to school and learn the rules. I am not playing around with rhymes for the ultimate penalty for rushing into something always makes the result like unwanted stool and the opened mouth gesture of shock were you start to drool. Success is not an overnight achievement. Junk mail through your letter boxes always lure you to create fortunes for a little investment of perhaps £49.00. These are myths created by a pith of greedy individuals. Go to school and learn the rules of success. Ingest these vital rules bit by bit, then digest them byte by byte and then express them in wonderful acts of human endeavour. This takes time. Time is what you have. The survival of a butterfly is not an overnight process but a delicate one involving a metamorphic change that can last for a week or up to a year. Butterflies don’t just emerge from their cocoon, they wait for the summer bloom to enrich their cycles. Be like the butterfly, be like the patient one that deciphers the code of success and waits patiently like the butterflies for the summer flowerbed of enrichment. Don’t live a life on the fence with hesitation on one hand and decisions on the other hand. Don’t be a quitter and remain bitter for the rest of your life. Don’t dream the possibility and do the impossibility. Don’t add fuel to the fire and lose your desire. The result will be like unwanted stool that makes you drool in repentance. Why rush? Why gush? Why flush? Why crush?  Why blush? Why lush? All of these happen when you have a sudden urge. Take things in their strides. Focus on one task at a time, avoid multitasking. If there is an opportunity out there don’t feel you have to take it. If it is too good to be true then it is not really meant for you. Ignore sudden urges. If you cannot at least think carefully about it, blink cautiously around it and then rethink the whole urge again.

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