Saturday 7 March 2015

Welcome to the 7 Billion Club

Welcome to the 7 Billion Club
Quote of the day
‘Welcome to the 7 billion club where interaction creates complete satisfaction. Welcome to a club of friends worldwide where lessons are learnt and harmony is revitalised.’

Welcome to a unique club called The 7 Billion Club where friendship is about survival and harmony. Survival is about existing in a vast kingdom of unique species of life working in a specific way to make your stay on Earth comfortable and enjoyable. We cannot ignore the vastness of our planet and neither can we disregard the numerous species of life that exists beneath and above the surface of the Earth. Wildebeest sweep majestically across the Serengeti in vast numbers accompanied by zebras, gazelles, eland and impala. The question is why do they migrate and how do they maintain a strategy that works every year? Surely this is a lesson for us to learn? They Trust Almighty GOD. They carry their TAG like many other species. They LAG and they TAG. A few days ago I spoke about LAG or in other words Love Almighty GOD. Animals function in a sort of transonic way feeling the winds, the air, the humidity and the movement of the clouds. They use ESP. They Endure, Subsist and Persist. We too need to use ESP. Endurance is a vital necessity to a meritocratic individual. Stamina is our staying power in moments where staying power is a vital survival kit. Subsistence is about sustenance or our nutrition without which we cannot survive. Follow the wildebeest and observe how they migrate in search of the enriched fertility of grass in the Savannahs. Persistence is about determination. It is about the will power to continue despite blockages or inhibitions that come your way. Ants are typical of ESP. Ants can be regarded as armies working in teams of as much as 700,000 labouring intensively to make their survival last despite a lifespan of only 40 to 50 days. They harmonise and work as teams defending, building and searching for food. Teamwork makes dreams work for meritocratic goal setters. You cannot cross the plains of opportunities alone, you need others to help you. Help is always at hand so why not use it. Animal behaviour or ethology studies animal communications, emotions, culture, learning and sexual conduct. Ethology can be translated to our needs and help us decipher our next move in the next second. Elephants are very intelligent animals and highly social. Intelligence is vital for communicating and for our aptitude. Socially we need each other like elephants to survive in a world teaming with a multitude of complexity and a congregation of simplicity. Complexity outlines difficulties that we meet each day and how to deal with them. Simplicity is about exercising the will and ease to please. It is about taking straightforwardness and making it uncomplicatedness. Yes, Ethology helps us to survive like animals in a world so enriched with life.

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