Monday, 30 March 2015


Quote of the day
‘Feelings equates to your emotional state of being. Feelings drives your day and if they are good feelings you’re driving shall be superb. Bad Feelings steers you to a sentimental day, a moody day or perhaps a sensitive day.’

To immerse yourself in a spirited feeling of sensation creates a mind-set of amazing accomplishment and extraordinary levels of fulfilment. You can gauge this statement for yourself by examining how well you did in March 2015. Tomorrow’s article called ‘Reflecting in March, correcting in April 2015’ helps you to do just that. Good feelings create an incredible platform to drive forward into your day or your life for that matter steering clear of adversities and following a righteous path. Good feelings makes you alert and vigilant. Good feelings enables you to make better judgements in your day that determines how your life will pan out in the years ahead. Feelings is a psychology segment in itself. It is a faculty of Psychology that characterises you in the way that you think and in the way that you behave. Some people appear more temperamental than others whilst some people are often quite timid. Whatever the psychological analysis of yourself your feelings at the precise moment affects what happens next. On Sunday we spoke about the GTS Formula to success. This article induces feelings. However today’s article reflects on your natural feelings. It is like a pendulum. Which side of the pendulum will you swing or sway towards when you get up in the morning. Will be a morning of good feelings or one of bad feelings. Good feelings or bad feelings is often embedded in your subconscious mind. Disturbing experiences in the past often triggers you to be in a bad mood. Good experiences in the past often triggers you to be in a good mood. Moods are triggered by external factors. External factors tends to make you edgy, emotional, sensitive, sentimental, angry or distasteful. Each mood swings delivers a final result. Good feelings drives you towards a special day flanked with wonder, excellence and brilliance. Such a day is a basic and vital necessity for a meritocratic Goal Setter. Bad feelings generally spoil your day. The results are evident. You feel unaccomplished and never fulfilled. Aim for a placid feeling each day despite trigger factors that make you think otherwise. Avoid confrontation, avoid negation and avoid all forms of procrastination. Get up, get ready and get on with your job. Return home and start the process again.

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