Saturday 21 March 2015

Life is so precious

Life is so precious
Quote of the day
‘Life is indeed precious, treasured on Earth and valued in Heaven. Life is so exquisite, loved by all and cherished by our Heavenly Father. Life is prised by the altruistic one and esteemed by the Believer.’

Love your life from the inception of it to the conception thereof. Love to live it daily and to fulfil it, yearly. Love to promote your wisdom and to extract wisdom freely from the archive of infinite information – The Universe. Love to believe because believing is about relieving conjecture, enigma and doubt. Love to express your innermost desires and passions and the will to accomplish them. Love to care, love to share and love to be fair. I am human and so are you. No one can take away my life for it is the most precious commodity that I will ever own. No one can take away your life for it is your most precious commodity that you will ever own. It does not matter who you are, how old you are, where you come from, where you are going to, the culture you follow, the religion you believe in and your financial status. What matters is that you are here living in a world that revolves round and round. I pray for the lost ones in Tunisia, for the depressed individuals in Rhodesia and for the poor living conditions in Indonesia. I pray for the innocent children in Syria, for the economy in Nigeria and for the health problems in Siberia. For those that have perished I know that they will be cherished in heaven for all the good that they would have done and for the good that they are about to do. For the children that were abused I want them to be assured that the perpetrators will be punished severely and if they have passed on they will never be cherished in heaven. I feel for the ones that have lost their possessions in war, in civil matters and in ignorance for they will inherit the Earth. I care for the ones that hunger, especially the younger ones and the older ones. I am concerned too about our flora and our fauna for human greed has infiltrated the wild stock and the mild stock. Species of life have become extinct for no apparent reason. Dear Friends, whether you are from down under or above the equator fear not for our Heavenly Father watches over thee. For those that travel afar to reach sanity amidst vanity and profanity I want you to know that the good shall always be waiting to hold your hand for support and consort. Love your life for it is indeed the most precious gift that you have. With life you have abilities and you have the capability of achieving your unselfish goals and performing good deeds on a regular basis. So, when the rain stops fear not for the person next to you shall always remember you for the good deed that you have done unto them. Share and share alike. Don’t take without giving. Don’t live without wanting to live. Don’t hate but love instead. Love is a potent energy that dissolves heartache, headaches and aches. It is a potion with a distinct notion, to liberate people from the talons of Greed.

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