Saturday 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day
Quote of the day
‘Love is such a phenomenal energy that floats around us like clouds above the atmosphere and below the heavens. Love is tender, love is about fondness, love is passion, love is ardour and love is sweet. Love is a universal language and differs from lust which a universally unknown except to those that live by it.’

Love is eternal, endless, ceaseless, perpetual, undying and unending. Love starts at birth but radiantly manifests itself through the course of time. Love is energy of a different kind. Love touches the heart and the soul and lingers in your mind all the time. Love is a feeling that brings sensation to oneself. Love is amity amongst nations and prevents war and great losses of lives. Love is passion that brings desire into the equation. Love is devotion to our Heavenly Father and this love is sweet, pure and dear. Love is about fondness to all living and non-living entities. Love is about affection for the young and for the old. Love is warmth and the feeling of love creates cordiality to all mankind. Love is angelic, so tender, so divine and so pure. Love is adoration for our children and their children too. Love is tenderness. Love is gentleness and love is about kindness. Love is for all and not just for a few. Love is about worship in prayer and in meditation. Love is about bonding. Love is about man and woman. Love unites and never divides. Love is remembered as in Valentine’s Day where roses are red and violets are blue. Love is everywhere and everyday not just on Valentine’s Day but in all 365 days the world over. I urge you to love. I urge you love all. I urge you to love your wife. I urge you to love your children. I urge you to love your pets. I urge you to love thy neighbours. I urge you to love your country and I urge you to love your planet. Let us make every day seem like Valentine’s Day. Make every day special in your life. Give love generously and you shall receive it generously. Don’t throw lust into the equation because lust a greed. Lust is a must. Lust makes you go bust. Lust makes you hunger and anger. Lust is covetousness, it is desire in fire. Love is cupidity seeking nudity and ends up being stupidity. Dear Friends, love and not lust. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and let this day profuse into the corridors of your life.

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