Friday 20 February 2015

Messages from a Friend

Messages from a Friend
Quote of the day
‘Messages have a meaning of real significance and change the consequences of your day or even your future. However when messages comes from a friend you need to learn from it because you know that you can trust your friend and get ideas from it.’

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I want to convey a message to you today, a message that can change your life. I want to tell you that tomorrow awaits you like never before. I want to tell you that your tomorrow can become the best tomorrows of all mankind. I want to tell you that your life is as precious as a star flickering and glowing in the emptiness of space. Every star in The Universe represents a person, it really does. Don’t just take my word for it, look at you’re personalised star in the horizon and you will see it like never before. Each star is linked to the soul of an individual in a frequency unique to that person. I want to tell you that your star is guiding you like how clusters of stars or constellations guided lost men and women from the wilderness of confusion into a life of continuousness and foreverness granting people, nations and humanity tenderness, kindness, lovingness and eagerness to go on living. I want to tell you that if you’re in debt do not worry for I shall help you become debt free. I want to confirm that if you are experiencing domestic issues don’t lose hope for your guiding star shall help you to love again and be as you were or want to be. I want to assure you that if troubles haunts you day and night I shall be here and there day and night for you. The stars always shine, they shine for you. They glitter in the distance to sound a call of hope and restitution. Don’t let the bogeyman trample your journey forward, follow your personalised star that glows all day and all night guiding you to a life of eternity. Don’t be driven by the mob of relentless men and women that shorten your life and widen your strife. Don’t panic in the streets or when the markets fall, let your personalised star get you back on track again. Don’t end your life in divorce, dispute or litigation. Let your star mediate and let your star bring normality back when abnormality tries to rule the world. I want to tell you that our Heavenly Father watches us daily networking all stars in a vast kingdom as large as The Universe and as little as your home. I want to tell you that love is the power is set you free. If you love something or somebody you will receive the same or more love back. Are you ready for tomorrow? Are you ready to make a difference to the history of tomorrow? Are you willing to try even though you may have to say goodbye. Value your life, value your presence, value your day and value the nourishment from the heavens above.

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