Wednesday 11 February 2015

What is the real definition of a Millionaire?

What is the real definition of a Millionaire?
Quote of the day
‘Contrary to the common belief that a millionaire is either a tycoon, mogul, magnate or baron, it is more appropriate to call a millionaire someone that has reached the climax of financial independence and mental transcendence.’

Before you labour intensely into the vastness of employment or self-employment you need to understand what financial freedom is all about? Financial Freedom is about being a millionaire at heart and in pocket. A millionaire at heart is one that has reached the climax of mental transcendence. Mental Transcendence is about the greatness and excellence you achieved as a human being when you acknowledge that GOD does exist and that you are here on planet Earth to serve HIM. Serving Almighty GOD is about being the sole custodian of the living world. The world is vast, with a surface area of over 510,000.000 square miles. Now that is a lot of territory to be the custodian of. Therefore GOD has been kind and has delegated this work to over 7 billion people who are equals and have the right to a fair and just life. In fact we ALL are classified as millionaires in pocket and millionaires at heart. Millionaires in pocket achieve financial freedom. They aim to please themselves and they aim to please our Heavenly Father. They are loyal, honest and humane. They take from the tree of life what is needed and give liberally the rest for others to enjoy and to have a fair chance in life. A millionaire in Indian, China, Australia or Britain is the same. A millionaire in pocket is one that manages his or her finances carefully and is able to live debt free. Debt is a real killer. Loan Companies or usurious loan lenders exploit vulnerable candidates and charge them high interest rates for their sole financial interest. These so called tycoons, moguls, magnates or barons are actually financial scoundrels.  Let us focus more on you and me. Let us understand that we are divine, refine and clearly defined. As divine beings we seek to please not just each other but our Heavenly Father who watches over us each day. Our mission is to serve without competition, without opposition and without any disposition. Living a debt free life enables us to remain staid, unafraid and of course fairly paid. This is the real definition of a millionaire. A millionaire from around the world, across the oceans, beneath the rugged mountains, above the equator, down under or in the dense forests is one that has achieved financial freedom living within their means from now on until eternity. A millionaire too is someone that has mental transcendence acquired through a huge learning curve called life. They are wise, whole, perfect and graceful. They reap what they sow and only take what they need to live a life as sole custodians of the living world. Do you want to be in poor health, bad wealth and without prosperity? Poor health makes your valuable life become filled with strife. You age quicker, you feel older and you lack positivity. Poor wealth makes you live in stealth. You aim to seek your fortune with furtiveness and craftiness forgetting your morals and ideals so easily. Without prosperity is like a pilot wandering aimlessly in space trying to decipher his or her destiny. I say onto you and verily too, reach for financial independence and mental transcendence today. Follow me like sheep and I shall take you to the shepherd. Let the angels above you be like sheep dogs that guide you should you go astray. When you feel a nudge it is the angels above that are directing you accordingly.

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