Thursday, 5 February 2015

Stronger Foundations always yield better Determinations

‘Stronger Foundations always yield better Determinations’
Quote of the day

‘Having a better grasp of the fundamentals of your existence enables you to move forward gallantly in achieving your goals. Stronger foundations makes you understand the purpose of your life, the unequivocal love for your wife and the rife of opportunities that is bestowed upon.’

Having a strong foundation with the fundamental core ingredients sets you free to achieve your unselfish goals. A strong foundation consists of a strong PACK. PACK stands for Prayers, Affirmation, Consistency and Knowledge. Mix these core ingredients together and you shall form the basis for anything to stand firmly on your shoulders such as health, wealth and prosperity. Building materials behave in a similar fashion, mix the key ingredients in the right proportions and you could make the tallest skyscraper stand still or the simplest wall stand erect. Concrete has to be mixed in the right proportions to set solid in the drenches below. Sand, gravel, cement and water has to be mixed in the right proportions for manmade creations to hold a place in history. Now it is your turn, it is your turn to make a hallmark in history. It is time to make your name known to the world that walks past you. To do this you need a sturdy PACK. Prayers is your first protocol. It starts in the morning at a time convenient for you and ends gracefully when you retire. Praying daily and praying sincerely takes you up the next rung in your sturdy PACK and that is Affirmation. Affirmation is your confirmation that GOD does exist and so do you. Affirmation is your support base from Almighty GOD. GOD holds your hand when you walk alone. GOD gives you opportunities when the doors are closed by man. GOD gives you wisdom when you are unsure. GOD loves you when you find no love from others. GOD is good and so are you. Consistency is your personal effort which differs from individual to individual. Consistency ensures steadiness in your path to righteousness. Consistency creates uniformity in your judgements. Finally we receive Knowledge when we need it most. Eternal Knowledge is infinite. Eternal knowledge in often internal, within you. Knowledge sparks awareness and clear doubt. Knowledge is about understanding basics molecules to complex supernovas. Knowledge becomes expertise but realisation supersedes this. Eternal knowledge is an infinite array of data ready to be browsed on a daily basis to aid you when the need arises. Are you ready to carry a sturdy PACK?  Do you understand about life? Do you understand the presence of your wife? Do you believe in opportunities? If you do then opportunities will always be rife? Are determined are you going to be from reading this article? How determined are you to make changes in your life?

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