Monday 9 February 2015

Goodbye to a Competitive World and Welcome to an Uncompetitive World

‘Goodbye to a Competitive World and Welcome to an Uncompetitive World.’
Quote of the day
‘A Competitive Day makes tomorrow a Repetitive Day. Competitions is about suppositions, propositions and expositions. To compete is to repeat, mistreat, cheat and beat another human being.’

Has the mill of your working environment starting turning its repetitive gears into the common valley of competitiveness? What was the result at the end of your working week last week as a result of your repetitive competitiveness? Did you increase sales, customers or leads? Today I was you to select into reverse mode and reverse competitiveness into sweetness, kindness, goodness, divineness and innocence. At the end of this working week I want you to analyse your output? Just by being sweet, kind, good, divine and innocent I am absolutely convinced that you will increase your sales, customers and leads tenfold. Competition does the converse yet we ignore the consequences of our constant and repetitive errs. To compete is to repeat, mistreat, cheat and beat another human being. Competition does the converse of creating better relationships at home and abroad. I say onto you and verily too, don’t compete with another human being but rather treat and greet every fellow human being with sweetness. The world is your personal oyster and your customers are like your pearls, gems or endearing friends encased in this personalised oyster. Friends bring to the table angelic qualities that promotes your company, your image and you’re moral. Life is about angelic virtuosities. It is about pureness, goodness, saintliness, kindness, divineness and innocence. Pureness exhibits your company or business image as clean and clear. If you run a restaurant as an example customers see you as pure and sure. Goodness exhibits your integrity. Customers feel confident when you speak the truth and are deemed reliable. Online business need to deliver like a never ending river. Saintliness is about righteousness. Righteousness is about business ethics. A good business delivers good products with a code of moral principles. It is about the principle of values and good attitudes. Kindness carries you a long way in bad times and in good times. You can experiment with this feature in any business scenario. Now this article is not centred on businesses but rather on you, for you actually are a business whether you work for someone or for yourself. Divineness is about being godly or godlike. It is about being lovely, delightful and pleasing. Finally you need to be innocent as a little child. You need to be decent, pure and gentle to your fellow human being. Now all of these qualities makes you uncompetitive. An Uncompetitive portfolio makes you collegial. It makes you mutually respectful. When you walk down the street people see the likes of an angel. They feel trust and faith as entered the legion of men and women that always compete with each other. To your health and to your wealth may the legion of good men and women walk amongst you?

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