Sunday 22 February 2015

How is your ship sailing?

How is your ship sailing?
Quote of the day
‘Trouble comes in ALL shapes and Sizes but are divisible by a commitment to a relationship that started when you first embarked on it. Whatever the relationship is you must be committed to overcome it at all costs.’

I often feel sad when I hear of families separating over trivial indifferences when they should in fact look to resolve. A Captain of a ship knows his or her responsibilities at the very onset before sail and are aware of dangers ahead. Many of us enter into relationships without genuine love but rather fall into a common trap of lust and therefore propagate with lust rather than love. Lust makes you run into stormy clouds, torrential rain, typhoons, excessive heat or tornadoes during your journey in life. Life is meant to be enjoyed and filled with constant happiness. If we plan in advance we shall benefit with abundancies of happiness and joy and look towards a more fruitful career. Yes, there will be problems but as an individual, partner or family you can work around it to resolve it. Many a family dispute could have been avoided. Many a divorce could well have been circumvented. Anger and hostility appear to create many problems along our journey in life. Anger and hostility are short lived and if we make them go away like a sudden turbulence on the ocean floor life can continue unperturbed. I have always stated that avoidance is better than pursuance. Avoidance lasts for a brief moment whereas pursuance lasts for a lifetime. Why make a mountain out of a mole? Why rock the boat? Why make waves? Problems will come in various forms. Problems are meant to be solved. I am here to help. I am the Modern Day Problem Solver. I am like the Captain of your ship guiding you to a smoother journey along a rough road. You need love but certainly not lust to succeed. When you see someone of the opposite sex do you look upon them with love or lust? Lust creates momentary relationships and a sensual desire that is not worthy of your intent to be content. Love creates the opposite. Love creates respect and understanding. Love is about permanent bondage. You do not have to be married to be bonded. To love all human beings does not require a signed testimonial. Love is an education and we need to transmit it to the old and young, unselfishly. Lust breaks relationships. Lust is a must that will eventually make you go bust. I say onto you and verily too, love rather than lust. We need to be educated to understand the distinct differences and consequences of lust and love. In the next few days I will compile a series of articles for your perusal that examines individual relationships and how to cope with them when troubles stirs. Don’t become distraught when the ship sways, take action and move to calmer seas. Walk amongst the valley of peace and tranquillity and feel the gentle breeze that soothes any headaches or heartaches. 

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