Friday 27 February 2015

‘The Last Friday of February should be the most memorable Friday of your life!’

‘The Last Friday of February should be the most memorable Friday of your life!’
Quote of the day
‘Every Friday holds a special moment for Meritocratic Goal Setters. They realise that the working week is over and that another era of fulfilment and accomplishment has been achieved. To you, my Dear Friends, the last Friday of February shall spark a new flame of hope as you march into March 2015.’

It is a wonderful feeling to know that a wonderful weekend awaits you. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you had an accomplished and fulfilling working week blessed with your passion and desire to ensure that you keep your affairs in order. Every effort you make in life has a result. Good efforts procures good results. It is a known fact. Think big and you shall become big. Think love and you shall love forever. Think money and the opulence of The Universe will pour into your bank account. Think about a vacation and you shall sail the oceans in luxury and visit exotic countries in style and elegance. This is the concept of remaining cheery. A cheery life is a happy life filled with joy, positivity, radiance and smiles. Can you find a better reason for living? I can’t. I know that my life is precious, valuable to the core and abundantly galore. I treat every day as a special day and don’t wait upon special days such as birthdays and holidays to enjoy my life. Today is Friday, the last working day of February and the penultimate day to the end of February. We shall never see February 2015 again but we can hold onto to its wonderful memories. Memories are really commemorations to our life on Earth. Each step that we tread leaves a footprint in our history. These footprints that hold your memories can be recollected or recalled at any time. Good memories bring fondness alight and kindness bright and all things all right. Bad memories bring about the opposite. This is why I always stated anticipate your next second or your next footstep. Many of you would have seen sadness in your hearts during the month of February such as the conflict in Syria and Ukraine. I want to assure you Dear Friends, especially the meek and the weak that Our Heavenly Father does watch over us from dawn to dusk. I also want to assure you that hope is the conduit to peace and equanimity. Hope unites The Father and His children. You need to have hope. Today the spark of hope shall propel you to march into March 2015. Today you shall enter the kingdom of life as a new born child. Tomorrow you shall tread the earth creating a new platform to stand on and to voice your pain and sorrow. Tomorrow the world shall hear you because you spoke in a tone of hope and in a vision of glory. Tomorrow you shall put aside your anger and move forward into a benevolent and munificent world of prosperity and love. Tomorrow you shall bury your sorrows and move on to clear the earth of foulness, bloodiness and grief. Tomorrow you shall rid your debts and clear your anger from the previous day. Tomorrow you shall become focussed and concentrate on what you have to altruistically do to make your life worthy and the world a better place to live in. Visitors from other galaxies will take note and will flock to your new world and take lessons from you for your warmth and sheer tenacity. Will you hold my hands in forming a chain of positivity, a chain of friendship and a conduit of hope? Will you march into March 2015 with me with positivity, friendship and hope? Hope shall be your propellant into your future. Hope shall carry you during times of struggle. Hope shall clear the mangles of debt that strangulates your sleep, your dreams and your life. Hope shall make you overcome the loss of a beloved one by making you share a spiritual relationship instead. Hope will bring forth peace in your country or end the warzone that besets your life and your future. Hold onto hope. Grasp onto the magnitude of GOD’s lifeline. Fear not for the taxman, the bad man, the bogeyman, madman or the salesman.

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