Sunday, 1 February 2015

From a Dreary February to a Cheery February

‘From a Dreary February to a Cheery February’
Quote of the day
‘Exposure is what you need, like an unveiling of a butterfly from its cocoon. Exposure is coverage for you in a spotlight of magnificence and in a limelight of sheer brilliance.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit!  Welcome to the beginning of a new month and welcome to a new beginning for you. Like polarisation where the opposing schisms are on either side of each other like a magnet or an atom or a coin or a sudden temperament I want you to shift any signs of dreariness that you may have to an open field of absolute cheeriness. All things in life have an opposition. A magnet will oppose a like pole, two electrons will repel each other, governments will be challenged by the Opposition Party and as for us goodness will always be clouded with badness. Today I want you to polarise your possible dreariness that you may have and shift it to a more cheeriness feeling. Dreariness will always hold an aura of monotony, boredom and misery to your day and ultimately to your entire life. Cheeriness on the other hand changes this negative setback in your life. Cheeriness creates merriness, chirpiness, happiness and joyfulness. How can you possibly settle for anything less. To gain maximum exposure in your life you need to be immersed genuinely in cheeriness. People recognise this and take full cognisance of your presence and your value. You cannot become successful if you have hostility in your heart. Hostility leads to irresponsibility and volatility. Hanging on to anger, tempers, bad feelings and grudges makes you less cheerful. In fact it makes you dreary. In February I want you to make you polarise your thoughts and shift them to a land of happiness and comfort. Landing on a cushion that is comfortable will always make you bounce back. Have you ever witnessed a butterfly emerging from its cocoon? This is the feeling you need to aim for. You need to be like the butterfly that flies away into the vastness of life and into the colour of the floral attractions. This is the spotlight of magnificence and a limelight of sheer brilliance that I want you to be drenched in as you embark on 28 days of glamourous work in February. You need to be excited about your life and about your work and about your dreams and your goals. You need to be cheery and not dreary. You need to have beauty and you need to be desirable. You need to create fascination and give back equal amounts of fascination. I shall guide you along a 28 day journey to achieve just that.

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