Friday 6 February 2015

A Strange way is often the best way to change your day

‘A Strange way is often the best way to change your day’
Quote of the day
‘Strangeness is about something abnormal to your normal routine. Strangeness changes the concept of current affairs and turns them into concurrent affairs.’
For someone to constantly say that you will never lose weight or become debt free makes you eventually accept that you shall be overweight and in debt for the rest of your life. Sometimes we maybe a borderline case where our weight fluctuates a few kilos over our prime weight. Sometimes we may be living on the edge, earning just enough to get by. Our income just about meets our expenses. As the years go by we epitomise this melody of living on the edge. We accept it as normal and assume that riches are for the rich. A normal lifestyle is actually characterised by elegance and is designed for all and not for one. Elegance is a very fitting word to describe the lifestyle of any human being. Elegance is about sophistication, grace and class. Sophistication is about acquiring a wealth of knowledge in a broad category. Grace is about your poise, beauty and refinement. Class is about your flair broaden by your sophistication and grace. When you realise that you need to be elegant you will immediately see or feel something strange. You will have that inner stimulus triggered possibly by my inspirational values and concepts to make a change from you’re so called normal life to an abnormal life. This abnormal life is actually a normal lifestyle that people do not want you to enter into. Selfish people want these categories of elegance for themselves and make you believe that you will always be want you are. You need to shift this mentality of a so called normal life to an abnormal life by making your life epitomised with elegance. When you steer your craft into a physical and mental change the appearances of this change will be strange. Your body adapts to this change. Your mind soon accepts this change. Your current affairs is altered and shifted into a rhapsody of concurrent affairs. You suddenly choose to walk rather than travel by car, you read more and learn new words. Your body moves in harmony with this change and fat is neutralised into muscle power. You feel that you are drifting into an abnormal state when you are actually veering into a normal mode. People have forced you into the previous state, now you have shifted this concept and remained elegant for the rest of your entire life. This is why I called this article ‘A Strange way is often the best way to change your day’ because the experiences you undergo during change is in fact unusually strange, so strange that you cannot believe it is happening to you. It is like a lottery win. People just cannot believe that it is happening to them. They cannot believe that they have entered an elegant world filled with poise and grace. You need to believe in yourself to know that you don’t have to win a lottery to make changes in your life. You just need to believe in yourself and discover what your needs really are.

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