Monday 16 February 2015

Chain Reactions

‘Chain Reactions’
Quote of the day
‘Chain Reactions actually are your effective recognition of changes happening to you or your surroundings. You initiate the process through a well sort out plan and from this comes a series of events relating to the change you sort.’

Start a chain reaction of idle words and you will end up with idle gossip. Start a chain reaction of hostility and you will create a living world of volatility. Start a chain reaction of smoking and you shall end your life choking. Chain Reactions is a sequence of reactions initiated by a single action like a good word or a bad word, like a gentle tap or a harsh slap, like a great thought or a feeling of distraught. The resultant reaction can bring about significant changes. Good words create good literature, bad words create distortional feelings towards one and another. Another word for Chain Reactions is the Snowball Effect where a single particle of snow can create a huge snowball and finally an avalanche. Do you seriously want to see a change in your life like anyone else? If so, then you must learn to recognise microscopic changes within you that eventually become macroscopic changes over time. One of the greatest mistakes we often make is that we want to see results immediately. We want to lose weight overnight and we want to look like the picture that came with the diet plan. We ignore to see tiny changes in us that are occurring immediately but want the overall change to start breaking ground within an hour of exercising and dieting. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls if you want to see an overall change you need to make an individual change. This is called initiation. Initiation comes from a well sort out plan. Pre-written plans are plentiful. Bookstores and newsagents are deluged with pre-written plans but a real valid and valued plan comes from common-sense. This is the inner you coming to terms with the outer world. What you want will come to you, firstly in tiny segments and then like avalanche all fat will burn, all debts will be eradicated and all dreams will become reality. Lookout for the small changes first before accepting the final product. Start a chain reaction of losing weight and you shall end up feeling great. Start a chain reaction to rid all your debts and you shall end up with a nett asset that you shall never forget. Start a chain reaction to earn more and you shall learn to earn, learn to spend and learn to save. Start a chain reaction to love and you shall create friendship, kinship, relationships and companionships. Start small, and look for small changes over a smaller time frame. Acknowledge these changes and watch the resultant reaction taking over your life. Any good changes creates a better you. Start a chain reaction to find a friend and overtime you shall know the whole world. 

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