Thursday, 12 February 2015

Life is about Angelic Virtuosities

‘Life is about angelic virtuosities encompassing pureness, goodness, saintliness, kindness, divineness and innocence’
Quote of the day
‘To live your life fruitfully you need to mimic the angelic virtuosities seen clearly in the skies above us reflecting pureness, saintliness, kindness, divineness and innocence to the land below.’

Dear Friends, if you follow righteousness you will become morally sane, filled with honesty and integrity. What is the point of amassing millions of dollars in your Swiss Bank Account when you have not settled your financial and moral obligations at home? Earn, Earn, Earn, Spend, Spend, Spend is the common route that most fools follow. I say onto you and verily too earn but earn with righteousness. Fill your pockets with the trademark of a righteous millionaire that holds pureness in his or her heart, saintliness above his or her temple, kindness in their moral duties, divineness in their prayers and belief and innocence in their actions. Become a millionaire at heart first and watch how your pockets will fill with opulence thereafter. Pureness at heart is about one’s integrity and the deployment of it in the financial and commercial world. Look to the vastness of the skies and you will see pureness so clearly mapped out like a chartered course for each individual. Saintliness is the next thing to Godliness. Be like the angels and live like them and live amongst them and then wear the throne of anointment that shines a majestic ring above your head. Show genuine kindness in your moral duties 24/7. Have compassion for the meek and the weak. Be gentle with the rose bush and thoughtful to the army of ants that walks past you. Be considerate to the young and be helpful to the old. Give alms generously from your palms.  Do this daily and then you shall be called kind. Divineness follows you like a tail on a kite reminding you each second that you are part of a celestial being travelling amongst the galaxies in search of the weak and the meek, the hungry and the poor, the abused and the accused. Finally exercise innocence in your actions so that the wildest of beasts and the tiniest of GOD’s creatures know that you mean no harm. Do these things daily and you shall be a millionaire at heart. To become a millionaire in pocket is a lot easier, it just takes 10 steps.

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