Saturday 7 February 2015

My Top 10 Quotes for your Review

‘My Top Quotes for your review’
Quote of the day
‘A Daily Inspirational Quote is something that stimulates your day. It ignites the fire in you to make you desire, aspire, require, enquire, admire and finally retire amicably.’

A desire is an earnest wish that someone has to change their lives around. This change could transport them into a new level or standard of living bespoke to their needs. To aspire is to seek this affirmed desire. Aspiration is about tailoring your needs in the precise way and more importantly not to emulate others. To require is to seek exactly what you need rather than more than your needs. To enquire is to search the oceans, the lands and the heavens for a method to construct your dreams. To admire is to show respect for others that paved a path for you to follow and learn from their mistakes and triumphs. To retire is to say to yourself, well done. I have achieved my goals unselfishly, now it is time for me to retire and inspire others to do the same. The following is a list of popular Quotes written by me to help you to desire, aspire, require, enquire, admire and finally retire.
  • 'Love to live and live to Love'.
  • 'With love passion and vigour shall I move on to meet 2015 face-on’?
  • ‘A Good Deed a day will keep the evildoer away’.
  • ‘Success in life comes with careful planning, daily action and long sought satisfaction’.
  • ‘Making a change for your own welfare and the common good is a serious commitment that requires skill, sacrifice and endurance.’
  • ‘We are ALL fundamentally the same but differ grossly by our own individual goals’
  • ‘To be calm and serene is to be refine and terrene. This makes up your centennial life on planet Earth.’
  • ‘Never lose hope and never lose faith. Learn to cope with hope, relief with belief and love to live’.
  • ‘Patience is the core to your success. It is something you can see, feel, touch and smell’
  • ‘Nature holds the key to inspirations, to aspirations, to variations and to salutations. Nature is your personal alarm’.
  • ‘The Universal pledge is to care, share and remain fair every day until eternity when the true magnificence of life is revealed.’
  • 'One of the founding things in life is to create fondness in yourself and your abilities, it is your very own personal makeover.'

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