Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Love Everything, Hate Nothing

Love Everything, Hate Nothing
Quote of the day
‘Like Polarisation, love is about adoration constantly whereas hate is about detestation intermittently. The two are complete opposites, the one gives happiness and laughter and the other give unhappiness and sadness.’

Many an individual will often regret spending their day harbouring hate. Hate grows like nettle in the woods. Hate multiplies like ivy strangulating shoots, barks and trunks. Hate is an emotion and can last for the moment or it can last for a lifetime. Hate should not be developed into a passion to seek revenge, to indemnify or to condemn. Hate creates a spate of unruly enemies from unknown pedestrians and motorists to known colleagues and kinships. Why carry a tag that labels you a hater? What are the benefits? Hate is the odium of revenge. Hate makes you stand on a podium of animosity. Hate makes you loathe even yourself. Hate makes you abhor the rudiments of life and the fundamentals of success. Hates makes you dislike the likes and the hate makes you detest everything alike. Why cling onto to hate if success is what you need? Why cling onto something that only aggravates another thing? Why hate when you can easily turn your emotion to love. Love makes you adorable and affectionate. Like is about making friends rather than enemies. Love is tender, kind and fond. Love blossoms like roses and smells like lavender. Love is so enriched and so enlightening. Love is a bond that creates a passion of joy and happiness. Love is about adoration for your life and for the lives of others. Love is about worship, worshipping our Heavenly Father who watches over us daily. Love is about the blissfulness in marriage, the blissfulness at home, the blissfulness at the workplace and the blissfulness in leisure. Love is the air that we breathe that sustains life and creates life. Love is amity, connecting countries that are divided in conflict, ideologies and oceans. Love is for your sweetheart that brings joy to your heart. Love is about your children and their children too. Love is what the angels convey and love is the epitome of the heavens above. As Hermes once said as above so below, so why not replicate the majestic awe of the heavens above onto the grounds that we tread on. Make love and not war. Make love and propagate a chain of new love. Make love to fill the aura around us with a harmonising tone of peace and tranquillity. You need love to love. You need love to become lovable. You need love to make friends. You need love to end hate. You need love like the bees that need pollen. You need love like the dandelion that needs the wind to hover. You need to walk on solid foundations built with love. You need to talk with potent words that resonates the energy of love. You need to fire your day with love like fuel to a motor or the Sun to the plants. If I want to conquer my dreams I need love by my side. If I want to change the world I first need to change myself. If I want to be loved and I need first to love myself. If I follow these rules like a diligent student I can be guaranteed that my life will become stress-free and carefree.  

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