Saturday 14 February 2015

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th
Quote of the day
‘Auspiciousness and Fortune comes to your table every single day like blessings from heaven. Some cannot see it, others cannot perceive it but I want to tell you that every day of the year is lucky for you and for everyone on Earth.’

Don’t blame the black cat that walked past you for it means you or me no harm. It is just going about its daily chore. Don’t blame the broken mirror for seven years of bad luck, mirrors break all the time, please don’t let it break you. Open your umbrella anywhere, anytime or anyplace. Nothing will go wrong, at least it will stop you from getting wet. Don’t worry if you walked under a ladder, it will never make you sorry. Nothing will happen what will happen is what you want to happen. Don’t worry if someone gives you an empty purse or wallet, it is empty if you buy it from a shop, anyway. Don’t be afraid to wear an opal stone even though it is not your birthstone. You have the right to wear anything that suits you. Get off the bed on any side for no bad luck will come upon you. You are still on the same floor, near the same door and about to go about your daily chore. Pick the dish cloth up if you dropped it, nothing will happen if you dropped it or left where it is. People say it is bad luck to chase someone with a broom, a broom is to sweep with so why should you chase someone with it anyway. Feel free to kiss someone at any moment, at anytime and anywhere even under mistletoe. Your love must be stronger than superstition. Don’t fret when Friday the 13th comes upon you, it’s just another day that makes up 365 days a year. Every day is a day cultured for you to live on Earth with love, passion and desire. You have a job to do, so go out there into the work place and do it. Procrastination makes you hesitate. Negation will make you stall. Temptation will make you do wrong. Stagnation will make you inactive. Aggravation will worsen the situation. Treat every day the same, treat every second with preciousness. Respect the cobweb, respect the flower, respect the cricket, respect the rabbit, respect the goldfish and respect the bird. Respect everything and everything will respect you.

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