Monday 23 February 2015

March into March 2015

‘March into March 2015 Joyfully’
Quote of the day
‘Every action has a validated reaction. Sustaining good relationships comes with a consorted effort each and every second of your day. The result is highly beneficial and rewarding. Better relationships creates cheerfulness and happiness.’

I wonder about the way people argue over their wealth, dispute over their assets, quarrel over senseless matter, fight in the streets or in the corridors of their existence, disagree with the fundamentals of life and row over silliness. I wonder why people would break relationships and hold hostility in their hearts for so long. I wonder why children fight at school and why hostility would travel along the playgrounds of their school, in the tuck-shop or on the streets of their neighbourhood. I wonder why married couples would seek divorce without sourcing a solution. I wonder about tension at work, the levels of animosity, rivalry and bickering that deluge the working environment. Dear Friends we waste such valuable time breaking relationships rather than working towards building them. History illustrates the tormenting experiences of broken relationships the world over. Countries have been torn apart, streets have become unsafe, homes are constantly been destroyed, families are pulled apart, love turns to hate, harmony collapses to disharmony, violence is a trademark of a young person and victimisation is a trademark of an older person. This is not the way forward. We need to march into March 2015 joyfully. Joy brings about happiness and pleasure. Joy enlightens the soul and makes you glad for all your efforts in a single day. We often take little things of sentiments and make them colossal events of sadness. Instead of turning a blind eye or a deaf ear we make silly errors into lifelong terrors. The key to a better relationship is about listening and about understanding. To enter into a relationship is often easier than sustaining one. Your circumstances too play a key role. Change your circumstances and you will change the people that you meet. Go to a different school and you shall meet new and different friends. So why become embroiled in broken relationships and discord when you know well that if your circumstances were different you would have met different people. I say onto you and verily too, you need to let it pass. You need certain words that hurt to be like the wind or the rain that blows or drenches and then stops. Let it pass. Avoidance is better than pursuance. Tomorrow’s article is called ‘The Art of Fighting without Fighting.’ Your effort is an important feature in creating better relationships. If you were one of the crew that is going to Mars in 2025 how would you cope with a relationship of 25 people? You entered into a relationship several weeks ago and were chosen for your merits and passion. How would you set the pace for the future of the human race?

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