Thursday 19 February 2015

The World is at War - let us become The Peacemakers

‘The World is at War – let us become the Peacemakers’
Quote of the day
‘The Peacemaker of our living world is the one that calms the seas, soothes the tension and mediates disputes around the world. Peacemakers are not classified by age, gender or culture. Peacemakers are human beings that labour intensively by day and by night. Do you fit this category of interest?’

Everyday holds a sad event. Today it is about tension in Ukraine, an airstrike in Niger killing 12, a Tanzanian boy found mutilated, militants killing 4 Tanzanian policeman and there is abuse at a care home in the UK. What will tomorrow’s events hold? Dear Friends if you love your planet you will understand your role in life. Your role in life is to love your life and the occupants that occupy it. We are the sole custodians of our living world. We are The Peacemakers. You can be assured nothing we will go we if do things right. So why does the news headlines on a daily basis show otherwise. Human Greed has created The Troublemakers. Troublemakers do things wrong and therefore shed chaos in the corridors of the living world. Let us create a list of common human demeanours. There is rape, torture, terror, kidnapping, violence, war, conflict, disputes, arguments, abuse, diseases, pestilence, poverty, hunger, recession, depression, oppression, vandalism, hooliganism, robberies, gang warfare, hijacking, deforestation, pollution, devastation of flora and fauna species and a variety of disengagements that brings terror and instability to our lives. Why would all of these anomalies occur? They do because men and women have become greedy, not just from today or from tomorrow but since The Garden of Eden. Dear Friends I urge you to think of your responsibilities and live by them to ensure a distinct reduction in our Greed that ultimately leads to devastation, damnation, starvation, temptation, negation, frustration, infestation, segregation, suffocation, adulteration, fornication, exploitation, humiliation, retaliation, victimisation, dehumanisation, demoralisation, contamination or intoxication. Identify your actions on an hourly basis. You don’t have to go to war but you can prevent it. The world is at war already. The conflict at home breaks homes on a daily basis. The combat on street corners or on playgrounds at school can seriously maim or kill. The fighting in countries around the world kill innocence civilians that have lost their right to live. The confrontation in politics weakens democracy. The competition in business creates enemies. The rivalry in the corridors of our world has grown out of control. The feud amongst neighbours have become habitual. The battle to save endangered species of life is growing old. The struggle for equality is becoming harder and harder. The campaign to reduce abuse seems to be a difficult passage. We need to stop the hostility and lessen the volatility. We need to start with ourselves and come to terms with our anger. We need to monitor our actions and acknowledge our responsibilities. We need to this daily. We need to change the future for the better and end the war. I am going to try to do my level best. I urge you to join me on a campaign to save our planet.

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