Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Recipe of Success

‘The Recipe of Success’
Quote of the day
‘The recipe to Success comes in various dialect, but the most effective recipe for Success is finding out what Success is all about.’

My definition of Success can be summarised as the ability of an individual to create a worthy subsistence in a world filled with opportunities in clusters of unique colour, opulence and uniformity. Opening the right door to your dreams can unravel the mysteries of your inhibitions. We all dream of the pleasantness of life and the things associated with life. Having a good home, a happy family, a good car, a well-deserved occupation, a decent pension and generous holidays creates a common platform for many people. Some people do not know when to cap their needs and keep hoarding wealth into their bank account and ultimately neglect their health. Some people attain wealth through stealth hurting other people along their treacherous road to succeed. Success is not about wealth. Success is about subsistence in an opulent world oozing with opportunities for all. To subsist in a current world that is filled with unpleasantness is hard. Therefore we need to create the perfect recipe to succeed in order to survive in a world governed by commerce. We know that we need air to subsist and unfortunately we need money as well to subsist. Money is hard to come by if you are employed by someone who puts a cap to your needs and expectations. Working for yourself is certainly more lucrative but also rather competitive. There is a balance between the two. You could find an Employer that is fair or you could be the Employer that is fair. To be an Employer or self-employed is not hard for The Universe pours opportunities in vibrant colours gleaming right in front of your eyes. You just need to choose something that appeals to you. Taking on a career in catering with no real interest in catering will never work out for you. You just have to develop the passion and desire in what you want to do day in and day out. Therefore choosing the wrong recipe for success is a bit like saying I want to bake a carrot cake but follow the recipe to make sourdough instead. The recipe or the formula is always pertinent to your needs. If it is a carrot cake that you want then you must follow the formula or method for a carrot cake. To become a millionaire you must follow the strategic methods to become a millionaire as laid down by unselfish millionaires. You need to have uniformity and create those carrot cakes exactly the same way each and every day. You need to pluck whatever you need from The Universe without wastages and exploitation. You need to be unselfish and you need to be happy. You cannot work day in and day out with a stress belt tied around your forehead. The recipe for success is simple. Choose a career pertinent to your needs and then find the right employer to work with or alternatively work for yourself. You have to maintain a steady and sturdy approach to your day and follow the recipes pertinent to your needs. This works very effectively if followed correctly giving you satisfaction in all that you do. Don’t rush into something. Gather vibrations within you that make you feel passionate about something. This is normally experienced at a young age. Paul McCartney composed his first song at the age of 14, he had an obvious passion for music. The vibrations was strong and his father instilled these vibrations of music in his house by incorporating a trumpet and piano, and later on a guitar in the recipe.  You need the right recipe and you need to follow it with the seriousness it deserves. This can alter your life for good and change the value of history by a landslide.

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