Sunday 1 February 2015

Goodbye January 2015

Goodbye January 2015
Quote of the day
‘Farewell to January must be a valediction of your innermost feelings. It is not just goodbye but also thank you for the enlightenment that January provided in either hemispheres of planet Earth. Now we must move on with similar feelings in February, to change and to conquer.’

Thank you January for the constant enlightenment that you have provided for me. I see a radical change in my life and in my future because I took action at the end of last year. I took calculated goals and turned them into more controlled roles and commenced on the 1st of January 2015 with an energised feeling like never before. 31 days in January was enough to set me on a 365 day journey with joy and profound happiness. This is the way to go. This is the way I want you to go. This is the craft of your intent that you need to board onto every day. Did not start as yet? No worries. I am here to help, to nurture and inspire. I am here for you as I have always been. You need to make a significant twist to your life by making it more joyful and radiant rather than tedious and monotonous. I say farewell to January with an emotional tear. January has provided me with 2 million six hundred and sixty six thousand of twinkling seconds. It is has given me the boost like fuel to a rocket to propel me into the valley of my dreams. I am here now floating amongst my possible achievements. I know that I cannot do it overnight. I have time by my side. I have you as my friends. I have the world as my platform to execute all my duties for the day. What more can I possibly ask for? What more do you need to change or twist your life around? Dear Friends let us hold hands together in February and keep the momentum strong to build a better platform to live on. Thank you once again January for everything. Thank you to my new friends on social media, thank you to my old friends that kept me writing inspirational content on a daily basis. Thank you to Almighty GOD for allowing me access to the Heavenly Extranet for daily inspiration and for the constant desire to enlighten my friends. Thank you – January 2015, you have certainly set me in motion. I shall change and conquer like never before because I know that I have you.

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