Wednesday 4 February 2015

Drive your intent like a car and watch how content you will be by far

‘Drive your intent like a car and watch how content you will be by far.’
Quote of the day
‘Steer clear from the edge, manoeuvre pass the hedge, avoid the low bridge, gently cruise over the ridge, brake in good time, accelerate in appropriate times, keep a clear distance in front of you and seek assistance if you stall. Drive your day like this and you shall reach your destination safely.’

A Good intention always renders a better attention. Bad intentions on the other hand always renders poor dissensions. Let us examine this a little more carefully. If your intent is shrouded in good deeds and better values you will always experience a better day or receive bundles of attention. It is quite simple, what you give is what you shall receive. Give kindness and you shall get compassion. Give courtesy and you shall be rewarded with politeness. Be helpful and you shall receive full support from the angels to families and friends. Be thoughtful and you shall receive pensiveness. Therefore if your intent is shrouded with kindness, courtesy, helpfulness and thoughtfulness the rest of your day will be content, period. With a good intent you will always be content.  In theory this is always true, in practice it isn’t. To make it true you need to become the driver of your intent. You need to drive like a driver that steers his or her vehicle away from possible danger by confining themselves within the Highway Code. You need to steer clear from adversaries that come in all shapes and sizes. Yesterday we spoke about slowing down, I say keep within your speed limit of abilities and capabilities. Don’t take on a task that you know you cannot complete. Manoeuvre your intentions away from gossip, procrastination and negativity. Avoid making promises and exercise good deeds wherever possible. Brake when you need a break and accelerate when you feel the vibrancy to do so. Keep a clear distance from trouble ahead by being watchful and keenly observant. Ask for assistance when you stall, the answer may be simple as simplicity is always the bridge that divides straightforwardness from difficulties. Your body is likened to a car, so look after it. Don’t leave certain areas untouched and focus on areas that are visible. Eat well with good grains of food, eat limitless amounts of the good foods and eat limited amounts of the bad foods. Look after your mind, the powerhouse of your decisions. Gain sleep rather than loose it. Don’t count sheep before you go to bed, just slumber without thinking of any numbers. Think peacefulness and yours dreams will merit an accord of serenity, tranquillity and placidity. Do this for yourself in exactly the way I prescribed and watch how you shall awaken to a new day all fresh and sound.

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