Tuesday 24 February 2015

The Art of Fighting without Fighting

The Art of Fighting without Fighting
Quote of the day
‘Many an Individual expend valuable time engaging in combat, verbally or physically. The wise ones often become acrobats, performing astounding feats of mental balance to ward off adversaries and physical agility to avoid contact.’

The Art of Fighting without Fighting is simple. You disengage from fighting and value every second of your life because you know well in advance that your life has a purpose, a purpose to serve, a purpose to live, a purpose to love, a purpose to endure and a purpose to redo it all again. This is why time is your precious gift, equated to 86,400 seconds per day and 31 million, 536 thousand seconds per year. Can you see why I always stated that you are always a millionaire at heart? You are a millionaire at heart because you have time at your disposal. Yes, 31,536.000 seconds per year and over 9 billion seconds in a lifetime. Millionaires at heart can manufacture millionaires in pocket, they simply use up their seconds valuably to do so. The timid fool is the one that expends his or her time wasting their seconds in relentless bouts of conflict. Don’t engage in fighting simply disengage from it, to help you I list the following rules of the connoisseur goal setter:
  • Avoidance is always better than pursuance.
  • Avoidance lasts for a few seconds whilst pursuance can last a lifetime.
  • Always reduce your enemies in life and increase your friends.
  • Love everything, hate nothing.
  • Always anticipate the next second.
  • All actions produce an equal and opposite reaction. Aim for good reactions.
  • Be aware of danger. Be vigilant and be cautious.
  • Avoid travelling alone, always keep your phone charged and always be weary of the unknown.
  • Never stir, never stare, never dare, never scare, never have an affair, never swear, never be unfair and never despair.
  • Always care, always share, always prepare, always carry a spare, always take care and always beware.
  • Do not discriminate, do not demonstrate, do not disseminate, do not incriminate and do not instigate.
  • Keep fit, never quit, never spit, always commit, always permit and remember do it if it is right and don’t do it if it is wrong.
  • Eat well. Avoid read meat, avoid sweet stuff, moderate wheat in your diet, always complete your meals and always treat yourself with kindness.
Use the above to expend your time on planet Earth profitably. Your time is your greatest asset. Don’t dwell on lost time. Focus on today, focus on tomorrow and focus on the rest of your life to deliver the best in your life. A great and meritocratic individual never engages in conflict. They are acrobats in their speech and action. They perform astounding feats of mental balance to ward off adversaries and physical agility to avoid contact. Keeping fit is part of their strategy, eating well compliments their proven strategy.

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