Tuesday 10 February 2015

How to make a £1000000 in 10 easy steps

How to make a million pounds in ten easy steps
Quote of the day
‘Money is something that you can manufacture, to make a million pounds just need to follow ten simple steps. When you reached £1,000.000 remember that you were already a millionaire at heart, you have just been upgraded to a millionaire in pocket.’

Money is wealth and wealth establishes your prosperity. Everyone holds a different level of prosperity based on their needs. The Forbes Richlist designates wealth to a selected few and when you look at the overall population of planet Earth documented at 09:47 on the 10th of February 2015 as 7 230 590 226, increasing at 5 per second the balance of wealth distribution is so unfair. Why should just a handful of people have access to the opulence of The Universe when our Heavenly Father created opulence for all? I say onto you and verily too that you have the right to success. I say it again you have the right to a fair life. The only difference between you and the richest men and women on Earth is that you can set the level of your wealth according to your personal desires and passions. I want to tell you today that the ladder to success works in key stages. To make a million pounds for example follows a ladder of success that holds only ten rungs. When you take the first leap onto the first rung your mission is simple. Your mission is to reach a million if you desire in just ten simple steps. In your mission saddled with a backpack preloaded with ambition, nutrition, cognition, intuition and inquisition you shall cross the oceans, the mountains, valleys and hills to gain the key to your personal success. The first rung is simple but requires your belief. It requires you to believe in yourself. It requires you to start with a pound. This pound ten stages later like a seed, pod or bulb will blossom into a collage of colour, beauty and awe right before your very eyes. In the next 5 days we will speak about Ambition, Nutrition, Cognition, Intuition and Inquisition to help you on your ten stage journey to financial freedom. With The Modern Day Trilogy by your side you will never go wrong. The stages following the first rug where we find one pound is equally simple. Stage two is about taking your one pound and turning it into ten pounds. Stage three is about turning your ten pounds and turning into £100. From £100 we then move to £1000.  From £1000 we move to £10000. From £10000 we move to £50000. From £50000 we then move to £100000. From £100000 we then move to £250000. From £250000 we move to £500000 and finally from £500000 we will reach out target of £1000000. Is it a dream or a reality? It is a dream if your backpack lacks ambition, nutrition, cognition, intuition and inquisition, it is a reality if it does. To help you climb the ladder of success you need to know that whatever you manufacture in life from a broth that simmers for 3 hours to a flower bed that glimmers all summer you must be patient. I look forward to inspire you to reach your target, from a seed we can to proceed without speed and greed to reach our personal pinnacle of success, guaranteed.

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