Tuesday 3 February 2015

Go Slow in Snow

Go Slow in Snow
Quote of the day
‘The real key to your overall success is to go slow. In snow we need to go slow. Where there is danger we need to remain low. Where there is sadness we need to let go, slowly. Everything that becomes successful is always slow. We grow slowly, we need to flow slowly and we need to show slowly.’

Dear Friends don’t haste in anything that you plan to do. Haste leads to waste. Every second of your time is valuable. To maximise the use of your time you need to slow down. You need to go slow in snow. You need to remain low when danger lurks. Where there is sadness you need to slowly let go. In order to become successful you need to be slow and gentle, managing your time in careful segments. Each segment of your daily agenda calibrates your day. To ensure that your agenda is fulfilled and accomplished you need to exercise a simple routine. You need to have a vision, then exercise some revision, then make a decision and execute it with precision. If done in this sequence slowly you are guaranteed that your daily agenda will be accomplished and fulfilled. Many people make entries into their agenda without having a vision, followed by a revision, then a decision and finally executing it with precision. As a result agendas become unfulfilled and unaccomplished. In fact people are put off from following a rigid agenda. They procrastinate, they can’t get going and finally do things unprofessionally. They rush rather than do things slowly at a gentle and relaxed pace. Let us explore this together in greater detail. Let us assume that part of your agenda for tomorrow was to go to a Restaurant for a meal with your family. In your agenda you plan to eat at 7PM. You start off with a vision. The vision could be about the cuisine and the type of cuisine. This vision helps you develop a palate and depending on who you decide to take, you do a revision of where you would like to go. A revision could include value for money, locality, venue, offers, music, drinks, reviews etc. Now it is time for a decision. Can you make a decision to go for a meal with your spouse or family or even friends? Did the revision help? Sometimes when we don’t revise decision making becomes hard. You could be surrounded by a string of restaurants and waste time trying to find a suitable place to eat. Having a vision of what you want to do followed by a revision really helps you make the right decision. Once a decision is made you can then execute your evening out with extreme precision. Everything in life is a learning curve. It is a slow process and the management of your time is crucial. If your agenda states that you will go out for a meal tomorrow at 7PM, with a proper vision, revision, decision and finally precision you WILL go out. This is applicable to any task that you list on your agenda. Don’t make entries into your agenda without having a vision, without doing a revision, without making a decision and without performing it with precision. Remember go slow in snow, go slow in everything that you do. Don’t rush or fuss

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