Thursday 26 February 2015

Balancing your Books

Balancing your Books
Quote of the day
‘Maintaining a balanced life in all spheres of your life helps you to be more composed and steady in your affairs. A composed person is often cool, calm and collected. They keep a balanced platform, well-adjusted and tweaked to meet their lifestyles.’

When we are young we do not really encounter or confront the adversities of the world of commerce, created by man for man. We leave that to our parents and sometimes witness and understand the mistakes they often make. As a result we seek through learning how to earn. We seek through learning how to earn to bring in a reasonable return. What they do not teach you at school is the rudiments of living debt free. We get caught in a bond or mortgage that lasts as long as our working career. We buy on HP or by using our credit cards and suddenly after just a few years of working we are sapped into the mainstream snare of modern day commerce, ‘The rich get richer and poor get poorer.’ Turn back the clocks and go back to a life of dependency and no liabilities and you will see that you are slowly been reared like sheep to be taken to the slaughter house of commerce. We need to learn to earn to stopped getting burned and to ignore that constant yearn to have materialistic desires by our side. We need to change our mentality by remembering that in order to spend we need to fend for ourselves by remembering three simple words: Amend, Append and Attend. To amend is to make distinct changes to our way of thinking. We need to be patient if we need something. We need to understand that we need to save for it rather than ‘pay’ for it. Cars for example depreciate on the 1st day of purchase, so why pay the earth for it? To Append is to add into your income rather than constantly subtract. You know the common fallacy, income lower than expenses. Finally to attend means to attend to your balance sheet. If your income is lower than your expenses you need to attend to it right away. Look at ways of cutting down on unnecessary expenses and look earnestly of ways of increasing your income. I will show you ways of reducing your expenses and of many ways of increasing your income in future articles. To remain composed and steady in your affairs creates the prefect platform to execute your goals. Stress changes the concept of seeking golden goals and makes you procrastinate and seek out an ultimate stressed soul. Seriously in debt? No worries, help is here. I am here to help. I will always be here to help you to Amend, Append and Attend to your affairs. Always remember that you cannot attain your goals if you are not cool, calm and collected.

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