Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Power of living

The Power of living

Quote of the day

‘The Power of Living lies within you. It is energy made for unleashing to explore the world that you live in and to make amends that is fitting. It is about honouring and venerating your presence and the presence of others that exist around you.’

Dear Friends, of whom you shall always be, I want to assure you today that your life is extraordinarily special. You have life that is bursting with latent energy waiting to unleash itself into the surroundings that you occupy. This weekend should be your weekend to explore this wonderful energy bestowed upon you for all eternity. Welcome to a riveting weekend Dear Friends, although it is the last weekend of September 2015 it certainly is the start to a new beginning. Yes, the beginning of your life in a new light based on your desire to live it and love it. You have the power to be in control, this weekend will illustrate this. Whatever your dilemmas are please put them aside for we shall deal with them later on. All problems have their solutions, so put whatever problems that is vexing you aside. Today at the start of your weekend you are the Captain, Pilot, Commander, Manager, Boss and the Leader of your affairs. Yes, you are the Captain of your destiny, whatever calculated course you take you shall reach a destination that is befitting to your needs. Take charge of your life I say onto you and unleash that hidden power to make the most of your life. Say no to procrastination, say no to temptation and say a definite no to frustration. However say yes vehemently to aspiration, inspiration and motivation. Don’t hang around with drains that take away or sap your hidden powers and talents. They are selfish individuals that just want to use and abuse. Hang around with radiators that augment your abilities and encourage you to live a more fruitful and unselfish life. You will know a radiator from a drain, they stand out by a mile. Learn from what you see. Look ahead of you and capture moments that inspire you. The world is so filled with wonderful moments created by wonderful people. These people are your radiators. They inspire you and they will motivate you. There is a wealth of inspiration all around you, you just need to capture like a photographer endless streams of footage. Keep your spirits high this weekend and let it help you to meet October 2015 with added strengths and golden opportunities to conquer. The world is indeed opulent, there are opportunities for all and the diversity to tickle your fancy. Engage in a magnificent weekend that you will only want to remember. Fond memories create a lifetime of blissfulness. Fill the patio of your home with harmony. Let your home shine out to the world in front of you. As you seek aspiration, inspiration and motivation also aspire, inspire and motivate others too. Let the bells of your enclosure sound a melodic tone of high spirits, fun, laughter and enjoyment. Let everyone in your neighbourhood know that your life is a bubbling one. Make dreams come true by constantly believing that you can achieve anything that you want to. Yes, you can! Push away the feelings of rejection and bring upon you the feelings of affection. Rejection spells gloom and doom. Affection create bloom and zoom. Look in a new direction this weekend to activate correction. Correction leads to perfection.  Dear Friends, make this weekend count. You can if you wanted to. Don’t slip into a bout of worries and remorse. You will achieve nothing. 

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