Thursday, 3 September 2015



Quote of the day

‘To every problem there is a solution. Sieving through the archives of human quandaries does not necessarily yield the right Solution. To find the right Solution to your problem you need SOLPRO.’

I would like to introduce you to SolproSolpro stands for Solutions to Problems. It was something that I developed as a reference source to help me cope with an array of problems that I met each day in my rather hectic life. I want to share this concept with you today, I want you to have access to Solpro and to use it as your personal armour to combat problems as you meet them. The focus of Solpro is simply Problems. Yes problems, the migraine of human vocations. If you scrutinise problems you will see that they will always boil down to two fundamental quanta and that is dollars and cents. Dollars and cents is the monetary quantum of human greed. Human Greed as you have uncovered in the reading materials available from has been with us from the dawn of time, from the Garden of Eden to Abel and Cain, along the streets of Sodom right onto today where Greed is highlighted in our daily forums. We read and see with intent these forums each day but are so immune to it that we do not recognise its presence and its catastrophic consequences. Greed is as manipulative as it has been over the Centuries woven into the crust of society, not distinct to one nation but common to all. As much as we try daily to revoke it, Greed lingers on ready to provoke our subconscious mind to do harm again. What is the definition of harm? ‘Harm’ is to inflict physical, mental or moral pain onto you or onto others. Yes, sadly whatever actions we selfishly and callously exercise we inflict harm onto ourselves and onto others. Examples of this can be categorised as rape, conflict, wars, ostracism, racism, murder, robbery, accidents, crime, terrorism, violence, vandalism, fraud, deceit, prostitution, fornication, bribes, abuse, domestic violence, bullying, intimidation, stealth, illness, disease, swindling, gambling, divorce, illicit sex, binge drinking, drugs, slander, jealously, poaching, fiddling, masturbation, contradiction, threats, hate, atheism, competition, smoking, hijacking, pornography and many more of the categories of human disengagements. I have seen, witnessed and heard about the deployment of human Greed from the age of three and remember them all with immense and intense clarity. I have lived through 48 years of my life encountering human Greed, enduring it despite been hurt both physically and mentally in the process. About 20 years ago I started recording these problems in a journal which I later called Databank. Databank became my resource centre, a bank of problems that I encountered and it also included problems that I witnessed, heard about and read about. Soon this became a resourceful bank for me because it carried a list of problems created by others and in some instances by myself and I could refer to it at any time when needed. So, if I wanted to purchase a new lounge suite for example I would look up my bank and see if there were problems associated with lounge suites. I would read about it and then become armoured with WAKWAK stands for Wisdom, Awareness and Knowledge. If I had enough WAK then I would go ahead with reasonable confidence to buy my lounge suite. This process helped me to minimise the effects of problems that I encountered in the ensuing years. As a Universal Friend I now want to share this with you today and as we meet the years henceforth ‘Our Bank’ can grow and grow to become a resource centre for all. I believe too, that prevention is indeed better than cure. When we make a purchase for example we are often pitted against Salesmen or women that are under pressure to make a Sale. This is where most problems emanate from. Databank is an important resource centre which you, a Universal Friend can access 24/7, 365 days a year all over the world and as we continue to build our Database we CAN ward off the perpetrators of human Greed. When we become embroiled in litigation, disputes, lawsuits, demands, bailiffs, arguments, disagreements, misunderstandings, fights, gossip, challenges, reasoning and confrontation we always expend time unprofitably. When I look back over the 48 years of my life I am saddened by the amount of time I wasted, wasted in unnecessary litigation, disputes, lawsuits, demands, bailiffs, arguments, disagreements, misunderstandings, fights, gossip, challenges, reasoning and confrontation. I always believed and believe that we all have the right to live a life of a centennial, in other words one hundred years on planet Earth. Regretfully, many of us don’t, in fact most of the people that I know barely made it pass 75! We expend valuable time in settling disputes with other people which could have been avoided in the first place. This is the sole purpose of Solpro. As the ‘databank’ of Solpro grows, so would your resource Centre for problems grow as well. One of the key features of becoming a Universal Friend is that you are assisted in making your life special, unique and purposeful. Every single human being has the right to equality and fairness. Choosing a red car or a large house is simply a personal choice. However whatever our choice is we need to ensure that all humans are able to eat well, sleep well and to go about their daily lives, well. Start today, take a bold challenge, become a Universal Friend and make a difference to your life. Log on to and become the individual that believes in a change, not just for themselves but for the rest of the population!

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