Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Journey to Success

The Journey to Success

Quote of the day

‘The journey to success takes a meandering route of ups and downs, through troughs and peaks, through thick and thin and through depressions, recessions and impressions.’

Every successful journey is a journey that has been mapped carefully by a professional cartographer. These great men and women sacrificed their lives for our very own welfare. They paved the way forward clearing the rubble and the trouble from beneath our feet. They should be saluted for their bravery and for their immense courage. Depending on your needs your journey to success could take time lasting for a few months to a time that lasts forever and ever. Dear Friends success does not have to come at price. You need to be influenced by the affluent and to be confluent rather than divergent. You need to create realistic goals and follow a path that leads to your fortune. Watch out for the boogieman that often leads you astray and instils fear in your heart. You need to decipher your needs in life before making a pilgrimage to your destiny of fame and fortune. There is no need to rush to receive a lush of affluence because standing along your journey are the evildoers that wait to sap off your energies. Every successful entrepreneur will tell of their journeys to success and the perils they encountered. You need to take heed before you can fulfil your need. You need to become aware of the entrapments in life and to pass on your knowledge to the young and restless. You need to pick yourself up when fallen into a trough and edge forward until you reach the top again. You need to hold the hand of someone through thick and thin, guiding them, restoring their sanity and giving them the will to live again. You need to enlighten your children with knowledge and impart wisdom onto them from your very own experiences in life. You need to overcome depressions by creating solid impressions. There will be the odd recession that awaits you and you need to make provisions for this in advance. There will be a possible repossession or two if you are not careful, for this you need to make extra preparations. The journey to success is indeed long but adventurous if you are prepared. Don’t live with fear but instead steer clear of danger which lurks in many forms. Every journey to success is a trying experience. Some of us make the journey eventually and some of give up on the journey dreadfully. Many of us are poor prospectors of wealth and fortune. Many of us are often like sheep following a scheme or a dream. Many of us are not aware of the wolves that wait to prey on us, sapping at our resources candidly and greedily. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I wish to announce that there is only one road to success and that is the right road. Everyone has the right to a life of success. Success is for all and not for one or a selected few. Success is about accomplishing and achieving a goal or a series of goals to uplift your living standards and to reduce hardships. Living standards are generally bespoke to ones needs. What is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. You need to be inspired to take the right road to success and to walk the face of the Earth without fear. You should never fall victim to scams, inchoate crimes, statutory crimes, property crimes or personal crimes.  You should never walk in fear, you should never tear over negative emotions, you should adhere to the law and steer clear of your adversaries. From today I want you to think before you blink. Did you think rightly, did you say the right thing and did you perform satisfactorily? Every journey towards a successful career must be taken with careful strides and with advance planning.

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