Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Time to Recap – The AEIOU of Success

Time to Recap – The AEIOU of Success

Quote of the day

‘Sometimes too much of information can be overwhelming. Information is knowledge and knowledge is vast therefore you need to stick to your needs, develop the knowhow, apply and then conquer. This is the principle of the AEIOU of Success’

Welcome to Tuesday, the 29th of September 2015. Life is so filled with joy, happiness and love that we sometimes ignore how plentiful it really is and how easy it is to extract and enjoy every minute of it. I am so excited that I am here with you as a friend and as a servant of our Heavenly Father to act as a sole custodian of my domain. As I write an article a day I write not only to inspire you but also to inspire myself to make my life happy, contented and joyful. What I write at the crack of dawn is what I feel at that precise moment. Sometimes world events trigger me to write to inspire. There may be something that happened yesterday that touched my senses, from this accolade of life’s moments I start to write to overcome and conquer what is troubling me. So as I write to inspire you I am also writing to inspire myself to wake up and extract the free flowing spirit of happiness around me, to indulge in the fragrance of living and to embark on impossible dreams and make them manifest into the possible extremes. Nothing is impossible, if your wish is unselfish you are guaranteed to achieve it. I have seen miracles, I have seen wishes come true and I have tasted the fruits of life that makes life so enriched and popular. Today I write this article to inspire you to feel the same and to touch your dreams and let them turn hopefully into golden goals. If you are patient, hardworking and determined you shall achieve anything that your heart desires. To assist you in reaching your goals you needs the appropriate tools like a farmer that uses tools to rake in his or her harvest each year. Today I want to talk about the AEIOU of Success. I called this the vowels of overall success, in others words the AEIOU of Success. A stands for Attract, E stands for Extract, I stands for Impact, O stands for Overreact and finally U is for Underreact. To create those magnificent dreams which we spoke openly about during the month of September 2015 you need to Attract. Yes, you need to attract things that are applicable to your needs. However you must always remember that The Universe is opulent and attracting everything can make your choices overwhelming. You need to attract what you need. Once attracted you then need to extract the core ingredients to make your dreams flourish into unknown and unbelievable entities. Extracting comes with selective and unselfish thinking.  A Farmer that produces potatoes does not need to extract other seeds that do not fall into his or her expertise. Once extracted you then need to go to work. Your extraction must have an Impact on your life. You should see this instantly. It’s called passion and desire. Passion and desire drives you to unprecedented levels of performances. If you cannot feel this unique experience then you need to go back and start extracting the right ingredients once again. Why we sometimes feel this way is because we tend to Overreact or sometimes Underreact.  When we Overreact we tend to go overboard and attract too much of information not necessarily bespoke to our needs but rather to other people’s needs. To the contrary sometimes we tend to Underreact because we lack the ability to believe in ourselves and in our abilities. We know that we want certain things in life like the prefect bank balance or the ideal weight but we openly lack the confidence to take the first step. There has to be a balance between Overreacting and Underreacting. This is crucial to your overall success. Success can be a daunting task if you do not really understand your needs. Therefore using the AEIOU method helps. Using the right tools helps to make your choices easier. A Farmer knows his or her tools and uses them to suit the job, therefore in achieving your personal success and noted change you need to use the right tools at the right time. Tomorrow I would like to talk about the DICE Scenario which is another tool for success. Since you have become my friend you would have noticed that I utilise various tools to gain Real Success, please choose the right tool to suit your needs.

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