Friday, 11 September 2015

It is time to taste your goals

It is time to taste your goals

Quote of the day

‘All dreams can come true if you want them to. It is senseless to accumulate goals in your mind without achieving any. Golden goals are chosen goals because you are constantly adding data and imagery to them.’

It is sad to see a working week become abandon because we did not plan ahead. We cannot only live for the day without thinking of tomorrow or the other 36,500 days of our life on planet Earth. We need to expend our time wisely therefore what tomorrow holds in the calendar of our life on planet Earth is based on what we think about today. Thinking of a holiday for example can be very vague if you don’t narrow it down to a specific place that attracts your attention. We are constantly attracted to things all around us. When holidays come to mind we think brochures, comparison sites and prices. Having a holiday as a goal does not really hold weight if you do not have a mental picture of a specific place that you would like to visit. Capturing information such as text and pictures enhances your vision of your holiday and makes you work towards it. Likewise to make your working week accomplished and fulfilling you need to plan ahead. You need to decide what needs to be done and what action you should take to get it done successfully. Thinking about it helps. Capturing information relevant to your work also helps. Writing tasks down is a good strategy. Executing them in a specific order is an even better one. If you are focussed on visiting Hollywood next Summer than you need to build up a mental picture of it. This is quite easy because the internet is your useful source of changing data and imagery. Your image of your dream or goal must be clear and it must be able to be streamed as a vision of your goal on demand. So, when you are sitting in the train or walking down the street you should be able to play a video of Hollywood in your mind. The more you play it or think about it the more excited you become. You need to add a bit of your sparkle to your dreams. You are the screenwriter, director, actor and audience of your productions so why not make them an epic each time. How about changing the course of next Friday. Let us spend the weekend thinking about our working week and the things that we have to do. We need to capture data and imagery related to our tasks. We need to gather these vital statistics in a coherent fashion and then edit them to create an agenda for our next working week. We need to constantly playback our findings in our mind and be free to edit, adjust, delete and redo our movie picture. We need to taste our goals before we can embrace them. Join me this weekend to see how we can create the prefect working agenda for the next week.

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