Thursday, 17 September 2015

Live to correct, don’t live to regret

Live to correct, don’t live to regret

Quote of the day

‘Always live to correct what happened yesterday and the day before to ensure tomorrow becomes a better day. Don’t live to regret what happened yesterday or the day before for tomorrow shall become a more regretted day.’

Dear Friends to say sorry is by far one of the most important displays of all human qualities. It illustrates the humane side of someone and their ability to make amends. We all err, it is something that we are prone to do because we are human and we are constantly learning irrespective of our age. To make amends is an Art towards Correction and takes a lifetime to perfect. The Art of Correction where alteration of ones ways, improvement of one’s performance and rectification of one’s wrong doings is an application worth pursuing. Many of us live with regret about what happened yesterday or the day before when a simple sorry can change the concept of everything. Once you said sorry than you need to worry about ensuring that you do not make the same mistake again. Recurring mistakes at work can be costly. Recurring mistakes at school or college can affect your grades. It is all about living to correct rather than living to regret. Do you often think back about something and said I only wish I did not do that. Do you live with regret about something that you did, said or thought? Always develop the ability to correct your mistakes in life. We are human and are prone to errors. Therefore don’t live a life of terror when you make errors. Become a conqueror of your errors by making instant corrections. Correction can be personal. Did you put on a bit of weight perhaps? Then you need to correct it by reversing the process. Ate a lot, then simple eat a little. Said the wrong thing, then say the right thing. Took the wrong train, get off at the next station and take the right train. Every wrong can be matched with a right. Learn to say sorry rather than worry. Learn to forgive and forget rather than blame and remember. Time is indeed your most precious asset. Wasting your time is a fruitless exercise. Living in remorse is such a measure.

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