Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fiction can become Factual

Fiction can become Factual

Quote of the day

‘Dreams and ultimately goals can seem fiction at first glance but when you start believing in them they will become factual.’

Dear Friends, Life can be so wonderful if you wanted it to be, you just need to believe. You need to have faith in yourself and in Almighty GOD. You need to be certain of your abilities and you need to develop the confidence or the backbone to set the ball in motion. You need to be aware of the highs and the lows in life and to take them on with a bit of courage and bravery. You need to administer your time professionally and like your money you need to ensure every second of your life is spent wisely and profitably. You need to trust in GOD, you need to follow the righteous ones and you need to activate all your ideas into a workshop of illustrious activities. Ideas as we stated previously stem from your dreams. If you have an idea then you need to actuate it. This idea normally stems from a dream. A dream is a mental vision created by multiple streams of video content and text that you see, read and experience. Eat well, exercise regularly and maintain a good rest period, keep relatively calm and your dream shall appear as a movie for you to watch and be inspired. From this movie created by your mind comes forth an idea or a group of related ideas for you to pursue. An idea will remain dormant until you actuate it. Actuation comes from inspiration. Inspiration can only come from a good and related source. Dear Friends I cannot express in words how wonderful it is to see a dream become a vision of the future. I dreamt for many years and created a stream of inspirational content that changed my life. I upgraded my dreams into calculable ideas and then into unselfish and golden goals. Today I would like to see you do the same. I want you to take off like a rocket into space and conquer your goals. I want you to travel like an astronaut and see from above what you can do below. I want you to take action by setting your dreams into motion. Life is indeed wonderful and to be a part of it is a unique experience. Let us take fiction and turn them into reality. Let us be worthy and noted citizens of our planet working together to create a better future for all.

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