Monday, 28 September 2015

Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

Quote of the day

‘Take a break and awake to the sound of Summer. Shake off the workload, put the brake onto your daily grind and go and sit beside the lake, release all the aches, have a piece of cake, enjoy a piece of steak and wake up to the sizzling sound of Summer.’

With just 94 days before 2016 all I can say is thank you for being here on your favourite inspirational channel to seek your wheel of fortune. Every single day henceforth I promise you a new Quote to make you put on. A new article to create that tiny bit of sparkle in you and a new video to motivate you. Life is abundant teeming with opportunities that are bespoke to your very needs, your life is indeed a precious gift and as we drift from one day to another and from one year to another our aim is to succeed. To succeed you need to be inspired and this is where I come into your life. I am so grateful to have you as my friends and for as long as I live I shall write to inspire, create to motivate and fill the socks of your life with joy and happiness so that you do not go to bed feeling weary and dreary. You are indeed special and therefore you need to be treated special. Look into the mirror if you do not believe what I say. The reflection of your life tells a story that is unique, fascinating and vibrant. You are an individual that occupies space and time. Your presence on planet Earth has a valid purpose, don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. Don’t be sullen today. I want you to be bright and gay and watch all the birds play. I want you to breathe the aroma of the flowers that colours that surface of the earth.  I want you to dream big, to think big and to take gallant leaps into your future life on Earth. Your dreams can come true if you believe in them. I want you to be happy and joyful from the crack of dawn to the onset of dusk where the sky turns into a photographers dream. Have you gazed at the setting Sun and wondered about the glory that the Sun brings upon us each day. I want you to live your life and to experience your life. I want you to learn a new language or a new word right away. It does not hurt to learn. It does not hurt to have a desire and a passion in something personal. I want you to explore the world and write your own account of the magnificence you have seen and experienced. The world is a beautiful planet teeming with the right ingredients to create life and opportunities for all. I want you to take a holiday of your dreams and to plan not just for the occasion but for the rest of your life. You worked extremely hard so why not pamper yourself rotten. There is no real harm in spoiling yourself. You have a life, and that life is equated to a total of 86,400 seconds per day which is an incredible timeframe to do things. I want you to be adventurous and take to the skies and glide along the ocean of wonder and awe. I want you to take a snapshot of your experiences and tell the world that you did it because you believed in yourself. I want you to create fond memories to last a lifetime. I want you to create friends that give you confidence. Finally I want you to create a world of your own. 

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