Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Change takes time

Change takes time

Quote of the day

‘Changes takes time, time effects changes in you. What you think is what manifests. What you say is always remembered. What you do has a profound effect on the next second.’

If only I could turn back time I would understand how impatient I was all those years ago when suffering, torment and anguish was a constant repetition in my life. Impatience does lead to impulsiveness and has certainly made me become impulsive. Impatience leads to haste and as I look back into the archives of my life I can see so clearly the hastiness of my actions that often led to a distasteful reaction. Today I want to ensure that the foundation of my future is set in a concrete churned with patience, endurance and tolerance to ensure that I do not replicate the past inferences of my doings. I need to learn from nature about the flora and fauna and how they survive. I need to understand how animals live such as the birds and the bees. I need to grasp the rudiments of life to experience a more worldly life. I need to set goals that are unselfish and to learn to achieve them over a period of time. I need to understand the concept of change and to understand that I need to define the word change in a clearer tone. Change can best described as a modification of ones self into a lifestyle that is better, sweeter, happier and purposeful. A better lifestyle ensures that you always remain safe, secure and fecund. A sweeter lifestyle makes you gentle, kind and understanding. A happier lifestyle removes the miseries associated with your daily grind. A purposeful lifestyle makes you understand that you are here for a purpose and that purpose is to serve our Heavenly Father with sincerity 24/7. Dear Friends, in order to see an overall change we need to affect an individual change within us. We also need to understand that changes do not happen overnight. Every day in your worldly life marks a change. Your hair grows and so does your nails. Your cells duplicate and your mind replicates. What you say is always remembered, so why not say the right thing and await the response that you deserve. What you think is certainly what manifests. So, think big and you shall be big. Think success and you shall succeed. What you do certainly has a profound effect on the next second. A good deed done in this instance instils a seed of hope in the next instance. Planning is crucial to your overall success. Your life needs a plan of action inherited from your plan of thoughts. If your thoughts are unselfish it is very likely that you shall inherit the fortunes of life. You just need patience linked to a crucial aspect of The Creation and that is TIME. If only change could happen immediately it would be nice. It would be nice to become financially independent overnight.  It would be nice to lose weight overnight. It would be nice to move into a new home overnight.  What then would be the point of living to 100 years of age? Life is about experiences, triumphs, mistakes, improvements, edification and glorification. All of these take time and like the pollination of the plants and the gestation period of the elephant everything does takes times.  Dear Friends don't fear the outcome of your unselfish intent. Fear not for it shall manifest in precisely the way you thought about it.  Just give it time, and enjoy the benefits of change. A seed changes the very second you sow it into the ground. Does it sprout through the soil overnight? Does it yield the blossom of our Earth in an instance? You need to be patient to see changes within you. You need to appreciate increment changes in your life as well. Exercise patience and you shall inherit anything that you want. Lay your future on a strong foundation and always be alert and vigilant in every given instance.

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