Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The DICE Scenario

The DICE Scenario

Quote of the day

‘Don’t drop a DICE in your daily decisions because the outcome of your decisions will always lead to Delusion, Illusion, Confusion and Exclusion. This is not the making of a Meritocratic Goal Setter but sadly the making of a Despondent Failure in life.’

Understanding the feelings of being an absolute failure in life is an experience that I will never forget. You could say that I was actually the Number One Failure in life and held this position from 1959 to 1994 inclusively. Today I may not be the Number One Success Story of the Century but I can say that I am heading in that direction. Will you join me? Do you have the confidence to join me on a journey lasting 3 more months? I promise daily to hold your hand and fill your heart with intense inspiration that will lead to a satisfactory result. How can I be sure of this? I am sure because I do not throw a DICE in any decision that I make and that is a decision I made on the 5th of November 1994. I now plan ahead, I think ahead and I look ahead. I now always live in anticipation of the next second, the next minute, the next hour, the next day, the next week, the next year and the next decade. Today I want you to walk with me into a new month and into a new beginning by stopping and starting. I want you to stop procrastinating and start accomplishing. I want you stop hating and start loving. I want you stop bad habits and start good habits. I want you to be firm in your decision making by stop throwing a DICE to visualise a possible outcome but to do your homework first to guarantee a perfect result. Our theme for the month of October is called SOS. SOS stands for Stop in October and Start in October or if your prefer ‘StoptOberStartober. We are going to aim to STOP all our bad habits and Start or resume all our good Habits to assist us in attaining our ultimate success in life. Today I want to talk about making and taking the right decisions in life so that we always end up with the right conclusion. I call this the DICE Scenario, because admittedly we all take chances in life and end up feeling very sorry for the consequences of our hasty decisions. Firstly, I hope and pray that you are well and that you have found the spirit in you during the month of September. I tried to instil my inspirational content with articles and related videos to create that extra bit of passion and desire in you. To leap into October 2015 we need to make the right decisions at the right time. Planning in advance and living in anticipation of something going wrong helps. We know well of the consequences of making the wrong decisions. It always leads to Delusion, Illusion, Confusion and Exclusion. Delusion is the result of making mistakes and ending up being misunderstood. We make mistakes all the time, but from October we shall learn to minimise making repetitive mistakes. The Art of Correction is to learn from our mistakes and to ensure that we do not make them again. Illusion is the result of acting on ones dreams without carefully assessing the full content of it. We then tend to live a life of fantasy rather than reality. We dream to create golden goals but until we reach the state of gold we need to realise our dreams first. Realisation makes us determine whether that dream is really sometime that we want to do or not. Acting on a fantasy is time wasting and therefore leads one to make rash decisions and hop onto a pipe dream express.  Confusion is about the wrong result. Take the wrong bus and you get to the wrong destination. The bus will always be the same, mounted on six wheels and licenced to carry 1 wheel chair, 3 buggies and 64 passengers. However if you hop on the wrong bus showing a different destination number then you will end up in a totally different direction. Getting the wrong result stems from taking and making the wrong decision. Finally we need to talk about Exclusion. Exclusion is the result of Delusion, Illusion and Confusion. Exclusion leaves you unwelcomed, kept out of the happy circle and ruled out of future ventures. Why, because you decided to throw the DICE in your life. In October we shall steer our intent to make the right decisions.
Previous Quote

‘Nothing will go wrong if you did the right thing.’

Always remember these words before the end of today. These ten words will change your life. If you are in doubt over a decision that you made ask yourself these ten words – Did I make the right decision or the wrong decision.’

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